Arboreta in Belgium

An Arboretum (plural: arboreta) is a botanical garden containing living collections of primarily woody plants, intended, at least partly, for scientific study. We have added the National Botanic Garden in Meise to our list, although this is strictly not an arboretum. And we also added Anthoine Pinetum in Jamioulx. A Pinetum (plural: pineta) is an arboretum, specializing in growing conifers.

Belgian Arboreta on Google Maps

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All Arboreta with their GPS-Coordinates

Belgian Arboreta WGS 84
NumberArboretum Easting NorthingZone LatitudeLongitude
1 Kalmthout 60209156943563151.3912464.467328
2 Waasland, Nieuwkerken 58322356732313151.2044124.191287
3  Hof ter Saksen, Beveren5866925673089 3151.2026194.240897
4 Het Leen, Eeklo 54086756689323151.1703583.584549
5 Domein Bokrijk, Genk 66850156491183150.9689865.399884
6 Wespelaar, Haacht 61514256460803150.9548184.639364
7  National Botanic Garden, Meise593634 56430983150.9319064.332471
8 Kapelleberg, Winksele 61613856389233150.8902854.651260
9  Geographic Arboretum, Tervuren606149 56298713150.8108334.506666
10  Groenendaal, Hoeilaart6016875625116 3150.7688864.442039
11  Provinciedomein Huizingen, Huizingen590192 56220623150.7433304.278324
12  Sentier Didactique de l'Arbre, Lontzen711372 56188463150.6829995.992228
13 Tahanfagne, Spa 70440255951363150.4725325.880665
14  Parc de la Serna, Jumet6032185589364 3150.4471994.453802
15 Monceau-sur-Sambre 59808055850583150.4093664.380331
16  Anthoine Pinetum, Jamioulx6011555578509 3150.3499644.421832
17 Lenoir, Rendeux 67931755678363150.2354585.514531
18 La Roche-en-Ardenne 68495155627483150.1880095.590973
19  Fourneau Saint-Michel, Saint-Hubert667415 55506543150.0845465.340231
20 Gedinne 64074855385683149.9828234.963281

More info on the Arboreta

1 Kalmthout. On 12 hectares (30 acres) one can admire more than 6000 rare trees, shrubs and perennials. Arboretum Kalmthout has one of the best and most varying collections of Western Europe. Open daily, all year.

2 Waasland in Nieuwkerken. Mostly retailer of specialist wholesale nurseries, some wild collected plants.

3 Hof ter Saksen in Beveren. Large diversity in plant species. Free to visit every day from 10 AM - 4.30 PM. From April till the end of October from 10 AM - 6 PM.

4 Het Leen in Eeklo. On the 260 hectares large domain there is a network of 36 km of footpaths. The arboretum at the entrance measures 6 ha (15 acres) and counts over 7000 sorts and varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials. Domain and arboretum are free to visit from 9 AM - 4.30 PM (arboretum).

5 Domein Bokrijk in Genk. Domein Bokrijk is in fact an open air museum, which shows daily life in the region in history. The total surface is 550 ha. The arboretum measures 18 ha (45 acres). The arboretum is specialized in holly and has the largest reference collection of Europe. Other thematic parts of the arboretum are the marshland, a bush garden, a fern park and a Mediterranean garden. The arboretum can be visited all year (not free).

6 Wespelaar in Haacht. This 15 ha (37 acres) arboretum contains circa 2800 specimen of trees and shrubs, often rare taxa collected in their natural habitat. It is not yet open to the public and can only be visited by guided groups on request.

7 National Botanic Garden in Meise. This is one of the world's largest botanical gardens. Situated in the historical Bouchout domain in the small village of Meise, grows a treasure trove of plants from all over the world. In the gardens, laboratories, herbaria and greenhouses plants are constantly being studied, classified and cultivated. Opening hours: daily from 9.30 AM - 4 PM.

8 Kapelleberg in Winksele. This arboretum of 1 ha is planted with special and often rare trees and shrubs. Can only be visited on request for groups and individuals with interest in dendrology.

9 Geographic Arboretum in Tervuren. This huge arboretum with a surface of 100 ha (250 acres) counts 460 different species of trees, 305 leafy trees and 155 conifers. The area is open to the public free of charge from sunrise to sunset.

10 Groenendaal in Hoeilaart. This is the oldest arboretum of Belgium. It consists of 407 parcels with over 400 different trees and shrubs. Freely accessible from sunrise to sunset.

11 Provinciedomein Huizingen. The domain is built-up around a nineteenth century castle and has everything for an ideal day trip for anyone: open air swimming pool, a playing ground for the youngest, and tennis fields. One can play football, athletics, mini golf and drive mini cars. The arboretum has many different deciduous trees and many needle-leaved trees as well as many narcissi, azaleas, and hyacinths. The Oriental inspired garden has over 1200 different plants. The domain and arboretum are open daily from 9 AM - 5 PM, in the summer till 8 PM.

12 Sentier Didactique de l'Arbre in Lontzen. A 3 km walk along different trees. Open all year round.

13 Tahanfagne in Spa. This arboretum can be found in the middle of huge forests. Species typical of a particular region are grouped together. Open all year round.

14 Parc de la Serna in Jumet. The Serna Park is a 16 ha (40 acres) estate left semi-wild and includes three lakes, one of which has been left untouched so as to preserve the natural vegitation. Open all year round.

15 Monceau-sur-Sambre. The Arboretum of the domain of Monceau-sur-Sambre is situated in one of the most beautiful parks of the region. It offers a trail of 28 stops that make the visitor discover the main tree species of these regions. The circuits are waymarked. Free to visit all year round.

16 Anthoine Pinetum in Jamioulx. Clément Anthoine has a large collection of conifers, 1700 - 1800 species, varieties and cultivars in his Pinetum. To be visited all year round on request.

17 Lenoir in Rendeux. In the 1930's Robert Lenoir bought 66 ha around a watermill, feeded by a canal of the Ourthe. He planted 800 trees and shrubs on the land. Since 1991 the Walloon region takes care of the 22 ha (54 acres), which are the heart of the collection. Open from Mars 1 - October 31, daily from 10 AM - 6 PM.

18 La Roche-en-Ardenne. On 15 ha (37 acres) there is a collection of 40 different forest species. Accessible by car.

19 Fourneau St. Michel in Saint-Hubert. This 2 ha (5 acres) small arboretum is divided in 86 parcels. Each one of them with one or more species. Along the walk there are 13 didactic information panels.

20 Gedinne This arboretum covers 10 ha (25 acres). Its principal attraction is a very fine collection of about fifty species of conifers, some more than 40m high. A seed stand adjoins the arboretum. Open July and August every day from 1 PM - 4 PM. Rest of the year only on Saturdays from 9 AM - 12 Noon.

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