Breweries in Belgium

The step from Abbeys to Beer Breweries is not a big one, as several of our Abbeys have their own brewery and can be found back in this list. Belgium is well known for its many different excellent beers. Some sources cite over 600 different beers. Most breweries brew more than one beer. Our list contains 76 breweries and is certainly not complete. With 4 different beers per unit, these breweries alone must already brew over 300 different beers.


In Flanders a "Brewery" will be indicated as "Brouwerij". In Wallonia this becomes "Brasserie".

Belgian Breweries on Google Maps

All Breweries with their GPS-Coordinates

At first these tables look maybe a bit boring, but they group a lot of information in a highly visible way. And, of course, they are the base for the points on the map and for the other files that will make live easier.

Belgian Breweries WGS 84
NumberBrewery, Place Easting NorthingZone LatitudeLongitude
1  Achelse Kluis, Hamont-Achel673566 56859653151.2985105.489700
2  Westmalle Trappist, Malle6156675682838 3151.2851154.658628
3 De Koninck, Antwerp 59887456729273151.1991844.415170
4 Martens, Bocholt 67990156714563151.1662095.573190
5  van Steenberge, Ertvelde5521645669662 3151.1760033.746230
6  St. Jozef, Opitter-Bree6852265666129 3151.1166595.646531
7  De Proefbrouwerij, Lochristi557142 56630693151.1162473.816389
8 Strubbe, Ichtegem 50059756600603151.0920383.008525
9 ter Dolen, Helchteren 66730556596863151.0642845.387740
10  Duvel Moortgat, Breendonk-Puurs592963 56553893151.0425124.326070
11 Het Anker, Mechelen 60325356544383151.0322064.472531
12  De Landtsheer, Buggenhout5812115653067 3151.0234174.157952
13  Dolle Brouwers, Esen-Diksmuide493286 56529393151.0279642.904260
14 Bosteels, Buggenhout 54832256520283151.0177813.688913
15 Palm, Steenhuffel 58901956501133150.9957044.268531
16 Huyghe, Melle 55649256500943150.9996463.805077
17 de Block, Peizegem 58582356488413150.9847544.222698
18  Affligem (Heineken), Opwijk583571 56473033150.9712584.190268
19  Haacht, Boortmeerbeek6130465647218 3150.9654634.609888
20 Liefmans, Dentergem 59266156460593150.9586834.319382
21  Rodenbach (Palm), Roeselare509719 56438523150.9462073.138347
22  De Glazen Toren, Erpe-Mere5678535641237 3150.9187833.965311
23  van Honsebrouck, Ingelmunster518282 56409013150.9194623.260090
24  Mort Subite, Kobbegem5879145640547 3150.9098714.250478
25 De Schuur, Lubbeek 62434356396263150.8948964.768101
26 Alken-Maes, Alken 66221856387723150.8778275.305875
27  Deca Services, Woesten-Vleteren485265 56386723150.8995192.790461
28  Artois (Inbev), Leuven6196385638447 3150.8852924.700844
29  Abbey St. Sixtus, Westvleteren480375 56382233150.8953362.720948
30 Leroy, Boezinge 49005856381303150.8947472.858634
31 Domus, Leuven 61981356377083150.8786134.703088
32 De Ryck, Herzele 56269556377063150.8876173.891334
33  Bavik-De Brabandere, Harelbeke520970 56345413150.8621783.297966
34  van den Bossche, St. Lievens-Esse562274 56342163150.8562823.884755
35  van Eecke, Poperingen-Watou473303 56342013150.8588842.620685
36  De Troch, Wambeek-Ternat5819315634140 3150.8531484.163960
37 Angerik, Dilbeek 58780256340603150.8515674.247327
38  Cantillon, Anderlecht5940305633050 3150.8415084.335519
39  Timmermans, Itterbeek5878945632752 3150.8397934.248320
40 Slaghmuylder, Ninove 57192456326743150.8412984.021532
41 St. Bernard, Watou 47468256321783150.8407542.640417
42 Verhaeghe, Vichte 52761856314603150.8341923.392194
43 Roman, Oudenaarde 54757056312593150.8310893.675482
44  t Gaverhopke, Harelbeke5222485631187 3150.8319693.315921
45  Belle-Vue, St. Pieters-Leeuw590713 56282123150.7985414.287223
46 De Graal, Brakel 55425856281343150.8024013.769980
47 l'Imprimerie, Ukkel 59620156278543150.7944384.364982
48  Hoegaarden, Hoegaarden6329585626719 3150.7769704.885851
49 Bockor, Bellegem 51965356250193150.7765963.278742
50  Drie Fonteinen, Beersel5922965624678 3150.7665194.308793
51  Grain d'Orge, Hombourg7061315623092 3150.7230145.920509
52  Abbey Val-Dieu, Aubel6980425620076 3150.6987365.804433
53 Boon, Lembeek 58610456185373150.7122584.219575
54 Lefebvre, Quenast 58135156142603150.6744884.151326
55  Jupiler, Jupille-sur-Meuse6860445613932 3150.6475045.631640
56 Silly, Silly 56563156115193150.6518263.928397
57 Cazeau, Templeuve 51934156093213150.6354363.273495
58 Brabant, Baisy-Thy 60257456046503150.5847394.448936
59 Dubuisson, Pipaix 53943856028903150.5765913.556986
60  Dupont, Tourpes-Leuze5461625602302 3150.5708113.651871
61  Ecaussinnes, Ecaussinnes5803475601264 3150.5577764.134306
62 Brunehaut, Rongy 52759355955383150.5111543.389159
63 Caulier, Péruwelz 54175255947003150.5027803.588747
64 Bellevaux, Malmédy 28729255864863250.3918926.007350
65 La Binchoise, Binche 58283055846323150.4078844.165667
66 Val de Sambre, Gozée 59369455806403150.3703594.317521
67  La Ferme au Chene, Durbuy6737495580029 3150.3466805.442133
68  Abbaye des Rocs, Montignies-sur-Roc551709 55799873150.3696763.727111
69  Du Bocq, Purnode-Yvoir6383715575048 3150.3112864.943392
70  Brootcoorens, Erquelinnes5788235573351 3150.3069984.106927
71  Abbaye St. Rémy, Rochefort6585205560845 3150.1785735.220228
72  Des Fagnes, Mariembourg6089935549115 3150.0842984.523521
73  Abbaye Chimay, Scourmont5958945537416 3149.9813644.337552
74 Bouillon, Sensenruth 65009455209063149.8217945.086697
75  Abbaye d'Orval, Florenville669638 55010823149.6384305.349561
76  Gigi de l'Etoile, Gérouville675192 54991683149.6196445.425560

More info on the Breweries

1 Achelse Kluis in Hamont-Achel. This is the brewery of the St. Benedict Abbey in Achel. The monks produce 6 different Trappist beers. The brewery can not be visited, but from within the pub one can see the brewing tubs. Open on Tuesdays - Sundays from 11 AM - 6 PM from May - end of September and from 12 Noon - 5 PM from October - the end of April.

2 Westmalle Trappist in Malle. Another abbey's brewery. This time from the Trappist Abbey in Westmalle. They produce 3 different Westmalle Trappist beers with an annual output of 200.000 hl. The brewery can not be visited, but there is an officially owned brewery tap on the main road.

3 De Koninck in Antwerpen. This family-owned brewery produces 4 different beers with an annual output of 200.000 hl. The brewery can be visited by groups only, by appointment, 1 month in advance.

4 Martens in Bocholt. 1.000.000 hl annual is the production of this independent brewery. On their list are 4 different beers. The brewery can not be visited, but the conference center, which houses a Brouwerij museum, can.

5 Van Steenberge in Ertvelde. Almost 30 different beers are brewed in this family-owned brewery. The total annual output is 100.000 hl. The brewery can be visited by groups only, Monday to Wednesday afternoons at 2.30 PM.

6 St. Jozef in Opitter-Bree. Another family brewery with an annual production of 100.000 hl. On their list we find 8 different beers. The brewey can be visited by groups by arrangement.

7 De Proefbrouwerij in Lochristi. This is a micro-brewery for tests. If a brewer, a café, an individual or a wholesaler wants to test a new beer on a small scale, the brewing engineers from this brewery can help to set up a minimum test production.

8 Strubbe in Ichtegem. About 12 different beers are produced by this small family-run brewery. the total annual output is about 20.000 hl. Groups can visit the brewery on request.

9 ter Dolen in Helchteren. With an annual output of 10.000 hl and 3 different beers, this micro-brewery sells most of its beers in the local region. Can be visited by groups and individuals.

10 Duvel Moortgat in Breendonk-Puurs. This is a big brewery with 7 excellent beers on its list. And they produce 1.000.000 hl per year of it. The brewery can be visited by groups and individuals.

11 Het Anker in Mechelen. Eleven beers, good for 10.000 hl per year come from this brewery. To be visited by groups.

12 De Landtsheer in Buggenhout. These are the brewers of the "Malheur" beers. Seven in total of which three Champagne Beers. Only 13.000 hl per year. The brewery can be visited by groups on request.

13 De Dolle Brouwers in Esen-Diksmuide. A very small brewery with not less than 8 excellent beers for a total of 2.000 hl per year. The brewery can be visited by groups and individuals.

14 Bosteels in Buggenhout. A total of 100.000 hl in 5 different beers leave this brewery every year. Visits only by group after arrangement.

15 Palm in Steenhuffel. One of the largest independent breweries in Belgium. Indeed, with a total annual output of 1.000.000 hl in 10 different flavors not a small one. Groups can visit the brewery and the tour includes a trip around the Diepensteyn Castle.

16 Huyghe in Melle. This brewery brews not less than 22 different beers. With only 100.000 hl per year it is a medium sized brewery. Guided tours only on demand. These include a visit to their beer museum.

17 De Block in Peizegem. Only 4 different beers and 10.000 hl annual for this brewery. But they have their own brewery museum that can be visited by groups on demand.

18 Affligem (Heineken) in Opwijk. Heineken, the fourth biggest brewer in the world obtained 95% of the shares of the brewery in 2001. It brews 6 "Affligem" beers here and at least 8 commissioned beers for other breweries.

19 Haacht in Boortmeerbeek. The largest independent brewery in Belgium with an annual output of over 1.000.000 hl. They brew at least 10 different beers.

20 Liefmans in Dentergem. Fourteen different beers with an annual output of 100.000 hl is the production of this brewery. Possibility to visit after appointment.

21 Rodenbach (Palm) in Roeselare. Rodenbach is now part of the Palm group, who invested a lot in this brewery and continued the production of old-style of oak-aged ale. Four different beers good for a total of 100.000 hl annual. Group visits all year after arrangement. Individual visits in the summer period.

22 De Glazen Toren in Erpe-Mere. The Flemish name means "The Glass Tower". It is a micro brewery that manages to make ever better beers.

23 Van Honsebrouck in Ingelmunster. An inventive brewery that produces its own very special beers, 12 of them, for an annual output of 100.000 hl. In 2006 they even changed their name to THE CASTLE BREWERY Van Honsebrouck - Ingelmunster. After all they brew the Castle Beer (Kasteel Bier). No visits to the brewery

24 Mort Subite in Kobbegem. Brewers of 6 different "Mort Subite" (Sudden Dead) fruit beers with a n annual production of 50.000 hl only. Alken-Maes is 100% owner of this brewery. The brewery can be visited, but we don't know the conditions. Anyway there is a brewery tap at their site, called "'t Wit Paard".

25 De Schuur in Lubbeek. Hobby brewer who brews beers on demand for private customers. Regular brews are "Meneer" and "Nikolaas Tripel".

26 Alken-Maes in Alken. This is a global beer brewery with 1.700.000 hl annual output, divided over about 14 different beers. Visits by appointment.

27 Deca Services in Woesten-Vleteren. Small independent brewery that has brewed for set-ups and "own label" beers. They brew 6 excellent beers of their own with an annual production of 10.000 hl. There is a large tasting room at the brewery that can be used for parties. Reservation required.

28 Artois brewery in Leuven. This is one of the largest breweries with an annual production of 4.800.000 hl. Over 20 different beers are brewed here, including the Stella Artois beers and several Leffe beers. The brewery is now part of the world's largest brewery: InBev.

29 Abbey St. Sixtus in Westvleteren. A small brewery at the St. Sixtus Abbey. They produce the best Trappist beers. Only 10.000 hl per year and it can only be bought in the abbey for personal consumption. The brewery itself can not be visited.

30 Leroy in Boezinge. This family-owned brewery is good for an annual output of 100.000 hl and brews 14 different beers.

31 Domus in Leuven. This brew pub exists since 1985, but seems to have problems with their production. They only brew one beer in very small quantities.

32 De Ryck in Herzele. Another small family brewery, but one that brews excellent beers. Only 10.000 hl per year, alas. The brewery can be visited by groups after prior appointment.

33 Bavik-De Brabandere in Harelbeke. A very active brewery with 15 different beers on their list for a total production of 200.000 hl per year. Groups visits possible on request.

34 Van den Bossche in St. Lievens-Esse. About 7 excellent beers are brewed in this small family-owned brewery. Only 10.000 hl per year and still, their beers can be found in UK, US, France and Italy. There is a shop on the brewer's site and groups can visit the brewery itself by arrangement.

35 Van Eecke in Poperingen-Watou. It seems that the smaller breweries brew the best beers. Another small family brewery with 7 of the best Belgian beers. Again, only 10.000 hl per year. Group visits possible.

36 De Troch in Wambeek-Ternat. A small brewery that produces 4 "Chapeau" beers and several fruit beers to a total of 10.000 hl annual. The brewery can be visited.

37 Angerik in Dilbeek. Micro brewery, run by two hobby brewers. They brew the "Boerke" beers.

38 Cantillon in Anderlecht. A very small family brewery with, again, at least 10 excellent beers on their repertoire. The brewery can always be visited. Groups should call in advance.

39 Timmermans in Itterbeek. A real Lambic brewer with at least 10 fruity beers on their list. Annual production is some 20.000 hl. Groups can visit the brewery by appointment.

40 Slagmuylder in Ninove. Again a small family brewery with excellent beers. Eight different beers with a total annual output of 10.000 hl. Groups can visit the brewery and their own museum after appointment.

41 St. Bernard in Watou. The six St. Bernardus beers are of a really excellent quality. They also produce the Grottenbier as commissioned beer. The total production is 20.000 hl per year.

42 Verhaeghe in Vichte. The fourth generation of the Verhaeghe family brews excellent beers. Eight of their own and four commissioned beers. Total production 10.000 hl per year. The brewery can not be visited.

43 Roman in Oudenaarde. This 460 years old family brewery brews about 10 different beers for a total of 200.000 hl per year. Group visits possible from Tuesdays to Thursdays on appointment only.

44 't Gaverhopke in Harelbeke. This micro hobby brewery has a weekend café, where their beers can be tasted.

45 Belle-Vue in St. Pieters-Leeuw. Another InBev subsidiary with an annual outlet of some 300.000 hl. They produce at least 5 different fruity beers.

46 De Graal in Brakel. This small brewery only produces about 500 - 1000 hl per year. It has 5 beers on its list. On Saturdays the brewery is open to the public and groups can visit by arrangement.

47 l'Imprimerie in Ukkel. At less than 1.000 hl a year this is also a very small brewery. In fact it is a beer pub. It has four beers on the list.

48 Hoegaarden in Hoegaarden. An InBev company now. InBev had the bright idea to stop the production in Hoegaarden and displace it to their Jupiler site in Jupille. Recently they had to decide to bring it back to Hoegaarden, as the Jupille quality was not good enough. We speak about an annual output of 1.000.000 hl and at least 8 different special quality beers.

49 Bockor in Bellegem. A 100.000 hl annual brewery with about 6 rather special beers. Most sweet and fruity. Groups can visit the brewery.

50 Drie Fonteinen in Beersel. A small brewery with 8 excellent lager and fruity beers to a maximum of 1.000 hl per year. Their beers can be purchased in their brewery shop on the site.

51 Grain d' Orge in Hombourg. Another small brewery with at least 5 excellent special beers. Up to 1.000 hl annual. All beers are available in their café. Groups can visit the brewery by appointment.

52 Abbey Val-Dieu in Aubel. Situated in the farm of the former Abbey, this brewery brews 4 nice beers under its own brand and 8 commissioned beers. Group visits are a real pleasure and can be arranged via the website.

53 Boon in Lembeek. Private-owned small brewery with support from Palm for the distribution. On their list we find 8 nice to excellent fruity beers and a dark brown ale. Group visits by appointment.

54 Lefebvre in Quenast. They are best known for their Floreffe brands, brewed for the Floreffe Abbey. A total production of 100.000 hl annual in 10 different flavors. Visits should be arranged through the local Syndicat d'Initiative (Tourist Office).

55 Jupiler in Jupille-sur-Meuse. Another huge brew plant of the InBev holding, producing 2.200.000 hl of their famous Jupiler lager. Too big to be visited, we suppose.

56 Silly in Silly. This family-owned brewery produces 20.000 hl annual, divided over 9 regular beers, 2 seasonal beers and at least 7 commissioned beers. Maybe less would be better.

57 Cazeau in Templeuve. A micro brewery with an annual output of less than 250 hl. Their only beer for now is the "Tournay" unfiltered blonde ale. Groups can visit the brewery and one can purchase at the brewery on Friday evenings.

58 Brabant in Baisy-Thy. A micro brewery that still brews 3 regular beers and a special one with Christmas. And all that in an annual production of less than 250 hl.

59 Dubuisson in Pipaix. It is already the fifth generation of the Dubuisson family that runs this excellent brewery. A "translation" of the family name inspired the Bush series of really excellent beers. They brew 4 regular beers and 2 seasonal beers for a total of 20.000 hl per year. There is a café at the brewery. Something to remember for real beer lovers. The brewery can be visited too.

60 Dupont in Tourpes-Leuze. Another small brewery with really excellent beers. This family-owned farm-brewery produces up to 20.000 hl each year and expansion is planned. We find 11 excellent regular beers, as well as 2 commissioned beers on their list. Group visits can be arranged.

61 Ecaussines in Ecausinnes. A small brewery that exports 90% of its total production of 2.000 hl. On their list 6 regular beers and 2 seasonal. There is a tavern and restaurant on the site, open during weekends. The brewery can be visited, even by large groups.

62 Brunehaut in Rongy. A small brewery, situated almost on the French border. Again 6 regular and 2 seasonal beers are brewed here for a total of 10.000 hl annual. This brewery can be visited by appointment.

63 Caulier in Péruwelz. Ten thousand hl in 7 regulars, as well as 4 seasonal beers is what this brewery produces. The brewery can be visited and for groups guided visits are possible.

64 Bellevaux in Malmédy. A micro brewery just outside the village of Bellevaux, South of Malmédy. The brewery can be visited.

65 La Binchoise in Binch. A small brewery with an output of 10.000 hl. On the list 4 regular beers and 4 seasonal beers. Also this brewery can be visited. There is a café-restaurant at the site, which is open during the weekends.

66 Val de Sambre in Gozée. Situated within the perimeters of the Aulne Abbey ruins, this brewery markets the "Abbaye d'Aulne" branded beers. At least 6 different beers.

67 La Ferme au Chêne in Durbuy. This is a very small café-brewery that brews only a couple of times in the Summer period. Their only beer is Marckloff.

68 Abbaye des Rocs in Montignies-sur-Roc. Despite the name, this small brewery is not linked to an abbey. But they brew beer like monks with 6 excellent flavors on their list. Group visits on request.

69 Du Bocq in Purnode-Yvoir. A very active, not so small brewery, which produces 100.000 hl annual. Seven regular beers, among which the "Gauloise" brand, one seasonal beer and at least 9 commissioned beers. The brewery is open to visitors in the weekends. Groups on demand during week days.

70 Brootcoorens in Erquelinnes. A micro brewery that brews for private customers and has 3 regular and one seasonal beer on its list. Beers can be purchased at the brewery on Saturdays. Groups can visit the brewery on request.

71 Abbaye St. Rémy in Rochefort. The monks of this abbey brew the best Trappist beers on the market. Their brand is "Rochefort". They only brew about 20.000 hl per year. The abbey can not be visited.

72 Des Fagnes in Mariembourg. As a brew pub with 2.000 hl per year, it is large. Their commissioned beers "Super des Fagnes" come from brewery du Bocq, but they brew at least 8 beers on their own. Groups can visit this brewery on demand.

73 Chimay in Scourmont. This is the brewery of the "Our Lady of Peace" Abbey in Chimay-Scourmont. After Westmalle it is the largest Trappist brewery with an annual output of 200.000 hl. Four flavors of "Chimay" beers are brewed here. There is an official café near the abbey. Group visits to the bottling line are possible.

74 Bouillon in Sensenruth. A small brewery at a beer shop. They brew 5 regular beers, some of which are excellent. Three seasonal beers complete the annual production of 1.000 hl. The brewery can be visited from the shop.

75 Abbaye d'Orval in Florenville. This is the brewery of the "Our Lady of Orval Abbey". A lay workforce produce 100.000 hl annual of 3 of the finest beers on the market. A shop at the abbey sells both beer and cheese. Group visits on appointment.

76 Gigi de l'Etoile in Gérouville. A small brewery with an annual output of 1.000 hl. Brewing 3 regular beers and one seasonal beer.

For the real Beer Lovers

If you want more than just visit some breweries and want to taste different beers in several regions of Belgium, France, Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic or Colorado USA, you should contact Andy Neil at Bier-Mania.

Bier-Mania site

He and his team organize complete beer tours for small groups of participants.


If you want to read thousand times more about Belgian Brewers and Beers and where to buy and drink them, we suggest you to buy the excellent book "Good Beer Guide to BELGIUM" by Tim Webb, ISBN-10 1-85249-210-4.

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