The major Belgian Festivities

Most festivities are once-a-year events or even once-every-two-years or once-every-three-years, and even once-every-ten-years events. So, especially for foreign tourists, it will be important to know beforehand when and where they take place. We will deliver that important information.

Belgian Festivities on Google Maps

As with many more categories, there are far more activities in Flanders than in Wallonia. One country, two different life styles.

All Festivities with their GPS-Coordinates

Most festivities take place in town or village centers, or even on prairies outside populated areas. Our GPS-Coordinates can only be an indication of where they take place. The week or the weekend of the festivities you will certainly not be allowed to drive with your car to these GPS-Coordinates. The last mile will have to be on foot. If available, public transport is advisable for any event.

Festivities in Belgium WGS 84
NumberName, Place Easting NorthingZone LatitudeLongitude
1  Antillean Festivities, Hoogstraten625731 57001593151.4386544.808993
2  International Photo Festival, Knokke-Heist519418 56880063151.3430023.278790
3  International Cartoons Festival, Knokke-Heist 51788856872223151.3360023.256784
4  Grass Pop Metal Meeting, Dessel645973 56779703151.2344115.090941
5  Damme Books Village, Damme5196625677883 3151.2519683.281736
6 Cheese Market, Damme 51966856778763151.2519053.281821
7  Night of the Proms, Antwerpen600610 56765663151.2315934.441030
8  Nekka-Night, Antwerpen6006105676566 3151.2315934.441030
9  Theater at the Sea, Oostende494240 56756443151.2321452.917501
10  Paulus Festivities, Oostende494573 56753693151.2296752.922274
11  Cinema Novo Film Festival, Bruges515442 56732683151.2106003.221069
12  Reie Festivity, Bruges5157955673111 3151.2091783.226116
13  Splendor Procession of the Golden Tree, Bruges 51567356730823151.2089213.224368
14  Holy Blood Procession, Bruges515675 56730733151.2088403.224396
15 Book Fair, Antwerpen 59776456720643151.1916174.399053
16  Cactus Festival, Bruges5157575672048 3151.1996213.225525
17  Jazz Middelheim, Antwerpen5980865671037 3151.1823304.403379
18  Leffingeleuren, Leffinge4914315669344 3151.1754592.877419
19  Sfinks Festival, Boechout6036215669135 3151.1642564.481996
20  Balloon Meeting, Sint-Niklaas579672 56687663151.1647764.139477
21  St. Godelieve Procession, Gistel497698 56672333151.1565362.967083
22  Four days of the IJZER, Nieuwpoort482389 56670893151.1549742.748182
23  Rhythm 'N' Blues Festival, Peer673300 56665333151.1240195.476501
24  Shrimp's Festivities, Koksijde477035 56645643151.1320792.671788
25  Historic Coaches Cortege, Maaseik695469 56640723151.0947825.791588
26  European Ceramics Market, Maaseik695480 56640593151.0946615.791738
27  Lokeren Festivities, Lokeren569401 56622613151.1076283.991352
28  Castle Festivities, Westerlo634134 56609453151.0843094.915116
29  Garden days, Beervelde5614885659393 3151.0827453.877846
30  Castle Festivities-Ka-Dans, Torhout504134 56586123151.0790033.059015
31  Flander's Night, Torhout5076845658258 3151.0757833.109685
32  Penitential Procession, Veurne476318 56579373151.0724592.661976
33  Ghent Festivities, Ghent5508515656411 3151.0569733.725580
34  International Film Festival, Ghent551162 56546003151.0406623.729761
35  Open Air Spectacle, Berlare568820 56544343151.0373253.981564
36  Dendermonde Festivities, Dendermonde577065 56538883151.0313704.099023
37  Ros Beiaard Procession, Dendermonde577071 56538823151.0313154.099107
38  Procession of the Giants, Dendermonde577076 56538783151.0312784.099178
39 Pukkelpop, Hasselt 66522956479303150.9592605.352786
40  Rock Werchter, Werchter6183615647816 3150.9697704.685740
41  Gin Festivities, Hasselt6644755644963 3150.9328175.340719
42 Carnival, Aalst 57314956433963150.9375474.041075
43 Brosella, Brussels 59518156385283150.8905684.353287
44  Beleuvenissen, Leuven6196615637812 3150.8795794.700963
45 Marktrock, Leuven 61954256376223150.8778964.699210
46  Couleur Café, Brussels5948755635439 3150.8628474.348136
47  Alden Biesen Happening, Bilzen677531 56352393150.8415865.521615
48  Summer of Poetry, Poperinge473203 56342363150.8591942.619262
49  Klinkende Munt (hard cash), Brussels595267 56340183150.8500084.353335
50 Marktrock, Poperinge 48071056338083150.8556452.725944
51  Keikoppen Carnival, Poperinge480712 56338083150.8556452.725972
52  Hop Cortege, Poperinge4807095633800 3150.8555732.725930
53 Last Post, Ypres 49233156333873150.8521302.891054
54 Cats Cortege, Ypres 49205356333433150.8517302.887105
55  Witch Cortege, Zonnebeke5017295632936 3150.8481223.024560
56  Blossom Festivities, Sint-Truiden 653978 56315853150.8154985.185819
57  Horse Procession, Tienen6396365628840 3150.7944634.981317
58  Cracknel Festivity, Geraardsbergen562240 56248233150.7718263.882679
59  Folk Festival, Dranouter4847045623834 3150.7660712.783103
60  De Gordel (Girdle), around Brussels594921 56223743150.7453814.345411
61  Les Francofolies de Spa, Spa703299 55972843150.4922095.866309
62  St. Magdalena March, Charleroi599830 55891633150.4459784.406045
63 Carnival, Binch 58280855848893150.4101984.165415
64  St. Follianus March, Fosses-la-Ville620570 55840993150.3965604.696403
65  St. Rochus March, Ham-sur-Heure-Nalinnes598824 55753913150.3223274.388260
66  Redu Books Village, Redu-Libin654785 55416533150.0070735.160184

More info on the Belgian Festivities

1 Antillean Festivities in Hoogstraten. Mid August. The biggest Caribean music festival in Europe with performances of the most popular groups from the large Antillean region.

2 International Photo Festival in Knokke-Heist. Every year from end of March till the end of May. A combination of Amateur photographs and work of professional Belgian and famous international professionals on several locations in town.

3 International Cartoons Festival in Knokke-Heist. From end of June - beginning of September, daily from 10 AM - 7 PM. One of the most important cartoons festival in the world. The jury selects 300 cartoons from over 3000 international entries.

4 Grass Pop Metal Meeting in Dessel. End of June. Festival with national and international heavy-metal groups. The night before there is the 'Campingfest', a mini festival for campers.

5 Damme Books Village in Damme. Every second Sunday of the month. A huge books market. During the Summer months in Open Air, during the Winter in the Town Hall.

6 Cheese Market in Damme. The first Sunday in October. During the cheese market one can freely taste from about 100 Belgian cheeses from 11 AM - 6 PM.

7 Night of the Proms in Antwerp. No fixed date. A music event, accompanied by the 'Il Novecento' orchestra, which aims to make classic music less élitist. Takes place in the Antwerp 'Sportpaleis'.

8 Nekka-Night in Antwerp. Every year in April. A Dutch Cabaret in the Antwerp 'Sportpaleis' with about 10 artists.

9 Theater at the Sea in Oostende. In July and August. All kinds of events on several locations in town: music, theater, fireworks, and "son et lumière".

10 Paulus Festivities in Oostende. One week in early August. A variety of music, dance, and theater at several locations in town.

11 Cinema Novo Film Festival in Bruges. In March. This 10 day film festival brings an overview of all films from Africa, Asia, and Latin-America that have been brought out in Belgium and Holland during the last year. Every year one particular country is focussed on.

12 Reie Festivity in Bruges. Every third year, end of August. Next in 2008. Over 600 participants portray many scenes from Bruges' history. From 9 PM - midnight.

13 Splendor Procession of the Golden Tree in Bruges. Every fourth year, end of August. Last time was in 2007. During two days over 90 groups play scenes that reconstruct the marriage of Karel de Stoute with Margaretha van York.

14 Holy Blood Procession in Bruges. Every year on Ascension Day. In the procession biblical scenes are depicted and the story of how the Holy Blood came to Bruges is explained.

15 Book Fair in Antwerp. Yearly end of October-beginning of November. In 4 halls Flemish publishers present their publications. Many authors come sign their books and there are lectures and literary activities.

16 Cactus Festival in Bruges. Second WE of July. A three-day music festival in Bruge's inner city at the Minnewater Park. Very different styles are always on the program: Rock, Pop, Funk, Roots, and Hip Pop, and world music.

17 Jazz Middelheim in Antwerp. Every second year, mid August. Five days Jazz in the Den Brandt park.

18 Leffingeleuren in Leffinge. The third WE of September. An international Arts- and music festival in a huge tent behind the church of Leffinge.

19 Sfinks Festival in Boechout. Last WE of July. Family friendly music festival with world music. Over 40 groups on 6 podia.

20 Balloon Meeting in Sint-Niklaas. The first WE in September. During three days tens of gas balloons, hot-air balloons and 'special shapes' take off from the Big Square in Sint-Niklaas. And there are many other activities.

21 St. Godelieve Procession in Gistel. Sunday after July 5 at 4 PM. Over 1000 actors play the life and martyr death of this Saint. The procession consists of successive groups that play and dance, and floats.

22 Four days of the IJZER in Nieuwpoort. Yearly the first full week after August 15, from Wednesday - Saturday. A big walking event that takes the participants along the historic places from WW I. You have the choice to walk every day 16 km (9.95 mi) or 32 km (19.9 mi). See also our page about war-cemeteries and memorials.

23 Rhythm 'N' Blues Festival in Peer. In July. Three day music festival with one night Belgian music and one WE American and British Blues music.

24 Shrimp's Festivities in Koksijde. Last WE of June. Opening on Saturday morning with a competition in 'shrimps fishing'. Also on Saturday there are appearances of folklorist groups. On Sunday morning one can visit the fish bakers from Oostduinkerke. In the afternoon there is street animation. At 3.30 PM the Shrimp Cortege starts. After the cortege there are music performances and dances.

25 Historic Coaches Cortege in Maaseik. On the second Sunday in June. On the square of Maaseik there is a cortege with many historic coaches.

26 European Ceramics Market in Maaseik. Last Sunday in June. Ceramics producers from several European Countries sell their products. It is the oldest ceramics market in Belgium and the biggest in the Benelux.

27 Lokeren Festivities in Lokeren. Yearly from the Friday before the first Sunday in August. During 10 nights 3 different music styles are brought, especially Rock and Blues, but also Flemish artists.

28 Castle Festivities in Westerlo. First WE of July. All kind of activities are organized in the park of the beautiful De Merode Castle. Lots of music groups and during this WE the castle can be visited too.

29 Garden days in Beervelde. Two times a year: the second WE of May and the second WE of October. Great exhibition of every thing garden from architecture, plants and garden furniture. Takes place on the domain of the castle of Beervelde.

30 Castle Festivities-Ka-Dans in Torhout. Second WE of August every second year, even years. International Folk music Festival on the domain of Wijnendale Castle.

31 Flander's Night in Torhout. A yearly 100 km (62 mi) walking and running contest between Torhout and the coast. Along the circuit many events are organized.

32 Penitential Procession in Veurne. Last Sunday of July. This Procession exists for over 350 years. The penitents impersonate the Way of the Cross and bear big crosses. The person of Christ bears a 40 kg heavy cross.

33 Ghent Festivities in Ghent. In the second half of July. A 10-day event with music of all styles: popular music on the Korenmarkt, Flemish artists on the St. Baafs Square, alternative programs on the St. Jacobs Market. Further more there is an opening cortege, much street animation, a puppet theater, and much more.

34 International Film Festival in Ghent. The second week in October. Besides projecting movies the film festival also organizes concerts with film music. Since 2001 the 'World Soundtrack Awards' are granted here.

35 Open Air Spectacle in Berlare. Every second year on odd years. From the end of August - beginning of September there are about 10 performances of operetta or musical ON the Donkmeer (Lake).

36 Dendermonde Festivities in Dendermonde. End of August. During the festivities there are a huge street fair and a kermis. At the same moment there are the Beguinage festivities. See also our page about beguinages

37 Ros Beiaard Procession in Dendermonde. Every tenth year. Next one in 2010. A great folklorist Cortege about the town's history. The Ros (horse) Beiaard and the Four Sons of Aymon, together with over 2000 actors and 15 floats through the streets of Dendermonde.

38 Procession of the Giants in Dendermonde. The last Thursday in August from 8 PM. Three giants accompanied by over 1000 costumed actors.

39 Pukkelpop in Hasselt. End of August. During 3 days (Thu, Fri, and Sat) tenths of groups, musicians and DJs, on 7 podia bring all kind of music genres.

40 Rock Werchter in Werchter. The first WE in July. Pop festival on a big prairie.

41 Gin Festivities in Hasselt. Third WE in October. In the Gin Museum, as well as on several squares in town there are all kinds of activities: corteges, music performances, tasting of the specialities from Hasselt, and a waiter's race.

42 Carnival in Aalst. The festivities are from Saturday till Tuesday midnight. The big Cortege takes place on Sunday afternoon. It is the most important Cortege in Flanders.

When is Carnival?

Carnival takes place during the weekend 7 weeks before Easter Sunday. Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the start of Spring.

43 Brosella in Brussels. Second WE in July from 3 PM - 11 PM. Two day music festival in the Park of Laken. One day with Folk music, the other day Jazz.

44 Beleuvenissen in Leuven. Four Friday evenings in July. Every Friday evening there is another music style on one of the squares in Leuven, varying from classic over Country to Blues.

45 Marktrock in Leuven. Every year mid August. A three day music festival with a big podium on the Old Market Square and several smaller podia on adjacent squares.

46 Couleur Café in Brussels. Last WE of June. The festival brings world music during thematic evenings. On the terrain there are stands with food and drinks, and accessories from the thematic region.

47 Alden Biesen Happening in Bilzen. Mid August. During this folklorist festival there is street theater on the domain of the Land commandery and about 100 artists and craftsmen give demonstrations. There are also performances of national and international music- and dance groups. A ticket also gives the right to visit the French Gardens and the permanent exhibition. See also our page about castles.

48 Poetry Summer in Poperinge. In July and August from Monday - Saturday from 2 PM - 7 PM. On Sundays from 11 AM - 7 PM. In Watou, a village of Poperinge poets and and plastic artists confront with each other in the small streets of the village.

49 Klinkende Munt (hard cash) in Brussels. Beginning of July. Festival with progressive music, spread over several evenings.

50 Marktrock in Poperinge. The last Sunday in August. A music festival on the Square in Poperinge.

51 Keikoppen Carnival in Poperinge. Yearly, halfway between Carnival and Easter. A Carnival Cortege, three or four weeks after Carnival. Strange, but hey, this is Belgium. In Wallonia there are even Carnival festivities after Easter.

52 Hop Cortege in Poperinge. Every third year on the third Sunday in September (2005, 2008,...). Cortege in the light of the hop cultivation. Poperinge is one of the last places in Belgium where hop is still cultivated.

53 Last Post in Ypres. Daily, all year at 8 PM. And this since July 24, 1927. A trumpet signal to honor the fallen British soldiers during WW I. See also our page about war-cemeteries and memorials.

54 Cats Cortege in Ypres. Second Sunday in May, every third year (2006, 2009,...). Over 1500 actors with many floats depict everything about cats.

55 Witch Cortege in Zonnebeke. Odd years, last Sunday of July. Cortege with giant witches through the streets of Beselare. Witches are present all year in this village.

56 Blossom Festivities in Sint-Truiden. The whole month of April. Lots of activities when the blossoms are open. Every Saturday and Sunday there are guided 'Blossom Tours'. The tours can be done on bikes, in a carriage, or in a coach.

57 Horse Procession in Tienen. Every year on Easter Monday. After the High Mass a couple of hundred horses and many pilgrims cross the fields with a statue of the Christ to the Tiense Berg (Mountain), just outside town.

58 Cracknel Festivity in Geraardsbergen. Yearly, eight days before the first Monday in March, so on a Sunday. Very remarkable folklorist ritual where prominent members of the local society drink a glass of wine in which living small fishes swim around.

59 Folk Festival in Dranouter. First WE in August. Four day festival, starting at Thursday evening. Over 60 international groups perform on 6 podia. Some podia are even outside the main festival prairie, but the performances can be followed on video screens.

60 De Gordel (Girdle) around Brussels. First Sunday in September. Tens of thousands of walkers, bikers, and mountain bikers fill the green circle around Brussels for a more or less long trip around the Capital.

61 Les Francofolies de Spa in Spa. Five days in July, however no fixed dates. This is the most important music festival in Wallonia.

62 St. Magdalena March in Charleroi. Sunday closest to July 22. The participants form numerous, different groups, all dressed in colorful military costumes and armed like in the past. In the hamlet of Thiméon all participants start dancing. A very special folklorist happening.

63 Carnival in Binch. See "42 Carnival in Aalst" for an explanation of when is Carnival. This is Wallonia's most important Carnival.

64 St. Follianus March in Fosses-la-Ville. Last Sunday in September, every seventh year (2005, 2012,...). One of the most beautiful military folklorist marches. Over 2500 "marcheurs" in uniforms and with attributes from the great Napoleonic Army, participate in this very colorful march.

65 St. Rochus March in Ham-sur-Heure-Nelinnes. Sunday after August 15. Military folklorist cortege where the "marcheurs" have costumes from the time of Napoleon. Very colorful and historically correct.

66 Redu Books Village in Redu-Libin. Redu is the Books Village of Wallonia. There are about 20 libraries and many craftsmen. You can find here also the Book and Print Museum. There is a book festival during Easter WE and a Night of the Book during the first WE in August.

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