Belgian Lace,
where to find it?

After the Belgian chocolate and the Belgian French fries, Belgian Lace is a very well known product from Belgium. The chocolate and the French fries will be found at almost every street corner, but the Belgian lace is much harder to find. It can be found in Bruges, Ghent, around Aalst, in Brussels and in Antwerp.

In the region of Aalst the so called needle lace is still manufactured. It is sometimes called Renaissance or Brussels lace as it is mostly sold in Brussels. The bobbin lace is a speciality of Bruges. This is a very expensive Belgian lace to make and is no longer manufactured for commercial reasons. Be aware that much of the lace that you will find in the above centers is nowadays imported from Asia.


In Flanders "Lace" is called "Kant" or "Kantwerk". In Wallonia it is called "Dentelle".

Belgian Lace on Google Maps

A first look on the Belgian map below will show only 15 or so points for Belgian lace, but when you zoom in on Bruges for example, you will find about 15 shops in one or two adjacent streets.

All Belgian Lace shops and museums with their GPS-Coordinates

Belgian Lace WGS 84
NumberName, Place Easting NorthingZone LatitudeLongitude
1  t Kantklosje, Lichtaart6320895676662 3151.2260384.891705
2  Lady with Unicorn, Antwerp5979215675285 3151.2205464.402178
3  Antwerps Kantwinkeltje, Antwerp597781 56752603151.2203454.400167
4  Galerie aan Petro Paulo Rubens, Antwerp597847 56751213151.2190844.401074
5  Dupont Kanthuis, Antwerp5983945674862 3151.2166624.408833
6  t Apostelientje, Bruges5163185673518 3151.2128233.233621
7  Lace Center Exhibition, Bruges516345 56734543151.2122473.234005
8 Lace Jewel, Bruges 51575256731413151.2094493.225502
9 Duchesse, Bruges 51573556731393151.2094323.225258
10 J Cromheecke, Bruges 51569956731333151.2093793.224743
11  The Little Lace Shop, Bruges515640 56730943151.2090303.223896
12 Venise, Bruges 51581056730483151.2086113.226328
13 Rosline, Bruges 51580756730473151.2086023.226285
14 K Pickery, Bruges 51578956730443151.2085763.226027
15  Lace Paradise, Bruges5157895673044 3151.2085763.226027
16  The Lace Garden, Bruges5157615673037 3151.2085143.225626
17  t' Kanthuisje, Bruges5157585673035 3151.2084963.225583
18  Lace Art Gallery, Bruges5157345673032 3151.2084693.225239
19 Rococo, Bruges 51574056729953151.2081373.225323
20 A Pickery, Bruges 51591756729803151.2079973.227857
21 Irma, Bruges 51576056729613151.2078303.225608
22  Flanders Lace BVBA, Bruges5158045672926 3151.2075143.226237
23  Point De Rose BVBA, Bruges5158265672903 3151.2073073.226550
24  The Lace Garden, Bruges5158395672889 3151.2071813.226736
25  Van de Cappelle, Bruges5158665672864 3151.2069553.227121
26  Lace Gallery BVBA, Bruges5154955672804 3151.2064263.221808
27  Gruuthuse Lace BVBA, Bruges515745 56727273151.2057273.225383
28 Serena, Bruges 51562856726303151.2048583.223704
29 Oud St-Jan, Bruges 51570256724963151.2036513.224758
30 Pourbus, Bruges 51572256724503151.2032363.225042
31  Katelijne Lace Shop, Bruges515732 56724373151.2031193.225184
32 Melissa BVBA, Bruges 51573256724343151.2030923.225184
33  Claeys Antiques, Bruges5157635672401 3151.2027953.225627
34  Romantic Lace, Bruges5156825672394 3151.2027343.224467
35  Lace Paradise, Bruges5157225672312 3151.2019953.225036
36 Lauwers, Bruges 51570656722933151.2018253.224806
37  Kloskanthuis Home Linen, Ghent550483 56562443151.0555043.720306
38 Duchesse, Ghent 55097556559173151.0525203.727280
39  Lace Museum, Bonheiden6102765652980 3151.0177954.572206
40  t Kanten Doekje, Aarschot6286455649626 3150.9838334.832772
41  De Saedeleer Myriam BVBA, Nieuwerkerken570528 56416943150.9225714.003449
42  M van Melkebeke, Haaltert5699805640167 3150.9089083.995360
43  Kant'el van den Steen, Haaltert570726 56400723150.9079634.005951
44  M van den Driessche, Haaltert571213 56394603150.9024004.012757
45  Ets Caveye Vindevogel SPRL, Brussels594312 56390193150.8951254.341062
46  G van de Wiele, Hillegem5606725638949 3150.8990103.862783
47  Séréna Gallery Exclusive of Lace, Leuven619580 56378183150.8796504.699814
48  Joséphine Rose, Brussels5952485634198 3150.8516294.353112
49 Kantolino, Brussels 59509456337373150.8475104.350805
50  Manufacture Belge de Dentelles, Brussels595347 56336813150.8469654.354383
51  Maison Antoine, Brussels5952505633655 3150.8467474.352999
52  Brusselss Lace Rubbrecht, Brussels595259 56336453150.8466564.353124
53  Brussels's Lace Shop-Toebac, Brussels595191 56336023150.8462804.352147
54  Costume and Lace Museum, Brussels595176 56335363150.8456904.351917
55  Lace Gallery SPRL, Brussels595097 56335223150.8455774.350791
56  Textilux Center, Brussels5951015633516 3150.8455224.350847
57  Central Lace House, Brussels595088 56335133150.8454974.350661
58  Lace Garden Gallery SPRL, Brussels595051 56334763150.8451714.350126
59  National Flax, Lace, and Linen Museum, Kortrijk 52035156282383150.8055193.288820
60  Center for Lace and Art Crafts, Binche582778 55848623150.4099594.164987
61  Lace Museum, Marche-en-Famenne663435 55662793150.2260705.291348

More info on Belgian Lace points

Unfortunately we do not have more info on all the Belgian lace points.

1 't Kantklosje in Lichtaart. Sells materials for those who want to make their own lace.

2 Lady with Unicorn in Antwerp. Offers a large choice of Flemish tapestry wall hangings, table mats, and decorative pillows, as well as hand made lace, doilies and table-linen.

3 Antwerps Kantwinkeltje in Antwerp. In front of the Cathedral, this shop has an important collection of needle lace and bobbin lace.

4 Galerie aan Petro Paulo Rubens in Antwerp. A shop with a huge collection of antique lace.

5 Dupont Kanthuis in Antwerp. This shop is featuring exquisitely made lace objects.

6 't Apostelientje in Bruges. Shop with hand made lace, old and contemporary. Here you can find magnificent needle lace works from the 16th century.

7 Lace Center Exhibition in Bruges. Housed in a restored almshouse. Often there are lace demonstrations and in the museum-shop one can purchase all materials for lace making.

8 Lace Jewel in Bruges. Stocks imported lace for travelers. But if you are willing to pay the price, you can buy real handmade Belgian lace here too.

11 The Little Lace Shop in Bruges. Lace makers since 1893.

12 Venice in Bruges. A pure lace shop in the heart of Bruges.

14 K Pickery in Bruges. One member of the famous Pickery family. Besides the handmade Bruges lacework they now also offer their own creations in pure linen.

15 Lace Paradise in Bruges. From small pieces to huge wall tapestries can be found here.

16 The Lace Garden in Bruges. Modern mass-produced lace, as well as authentic hand-made lace can be found here.

17 't Kanthuisje in Bruges. This is the perfect place to purchase some locally crafted lace. You can watch delicate needlepoint lace created before your eyes.

20 A Pickery in Bruges. Another member of the famous Pickery lace makers family.

21 Irma in Bruges. A shop where you can purchase beautiful antique lace works, but where you can also find materials for lace making. Lace shop Irma is the only one that still sells its own-made Belgian lace, with origin certificate.

24 The Lace Garden in Bruges. Another Lace Garden. See point 16.

33 Claeys Antiques in Bruges. A shop specializing in lace for collectors. Diane Claeys is an authority on lace. She published many books about the subject.

35 Lace Paradise in Bruges. Another Lace Paradise. See point 15.

36 Lauwers in Bruges. Paul Lauwers is the son of Lieve Pickery, so another Pickery family member. See point 14

39 Lace Museum in Bonheiden. Each September there is a Lace fair in Bonheiden.

40 't Kanten Doekje in Aarschot. Specialized in household linen.

41 De Saedeleer Myriam BVBA in Nieuwerkerken. Textile Production House.

50 Manufacture Belge de Dentelle in Brussels. Sells contemporary and antique handmade lace.

51 Maison Antoine in Brussels. One of the best lace boutiques in Brussels.

52 Brussels Lace Rubbrecht in Brussels. New modern handmade lace, as well as antique lace can be found here. They have something for every budget.

53 Brussel's Lace Shop-Toebac in Brussels. Nicole Toebac is a synonym of quality and exclusivity. The most important distributor of real handmade Belgian Lace.

54 Costume and Lace Museum in Brussels. Four houses and an old warehouse from the late 17th century form the perfect decor for this museum with a beautiful collection of costumes and lace.

55 Lace Gallery SPRL in Brussels. Souvenirs in lace from all prices.

59 National Flax, Lace, and Linen Museum in Kortrijk. The setting for this museum is an old flax farm of the 19th century. It shows the flax production process as it occurred in Flanders over the past centuries. A new addition to the collection in 1999 displays a collection of lace and linen.

60 Center for Lace and Art Crafts in Binche. The lace of Binche is characterized by the extreme delicacy of the threads used by the lace making women.

61 Lace Museum in Marche-en-Famenne. This museum presents a unique collection of local lace, the renowned "Points Clairs" of Marche and other antique and modern lace. The museum has 3 rooms: "On the paths of lace", "Ancient and new lace", and "From thread to bobbin".

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