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Parks and Monuments are a category, where parents with children of all ages will find many ideas for one or more day trips.

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No matter where you are in Belgium, there are always very interesting sites to be visited nearby.

All Parks and Monuments with their GPS-Coordinates

Also for this category it is very useful to know the different GPS-Coordinates, as many sites will be difficult to program with a postal address.

Belgian Parks and Monuments WGS 84
NumberPark/Monument Easting NorthingZone LatitudeLongitude
1  Domain Forests of Ravels6401155692982 3151.3707855.012982
2  Het Zwin Sanctuary, Knokke-Heist524561 56897713151.3586733.352750
3  Butterfly Garden, Oosthoek5227605688872 3151.3506653.326827
4  Astronomical Clock, Kapellen599590 56855913151.3129004.428940
5 Jetty, Blankenberge 50950356855843151.3214763.136374
6  Sea Life Center, Blankenberge510182 56852073151.3180743.146107
7 Domain of Renesse 62078556846613151.3004384.732600
8  Recreation Domain De Lilse Bergen629355 56836483151.2894514.855098
9  Fort Liefkenshoek, Lillo5896765683482 3151.2955904.286202
10 Park of Brasschaat 60470956832473151.2909114.501674
11  State Dunes in Wenduine5005675679147 3151.2636733.008127
12  Zoerselbos, English Landscape Park617003 56782153151.2432894.676264
13  Fort Napoleon, Ostend4954095676413 3151.2390702.934234
14 Dodoens Garden 61010956761093151.2257324.576890
15  Amandine Ship/Museum, Ostend494667 56753413151.2294242.923621
16 Aquatopia, Antwerp 59925556751173151.2188054.421228
17  Mercator Ship, Ostend4943445675056 3151.2268582.919000
18 Zoo, Antwerp 59929156749563151.2173514.421698
19  Family Park Bobbejaanland, Lichtaart632978 56739073151.2010724.903407
20  Boudewijnpark + dolphinarium, St. Michiels514957 56702173151.1831773.213999
21  Provincial Domain Het Leen5408365669001 3151.1709803.584113
22  Rijselsestraat, Loppen (very old buildings) 51385256667333151.1518773.198055
23  Provincial Domain Puyenbroeck560499 56666783151.1483523.864951
24 Zoo, Olmen 65015956663333151.1287565.145995
25  Provincial Domain Lippensgoed-Bulskampveld520592 56632853151.1206693.294225
26  Provincial Domain d'Ursel5889595662073 3151.1032364.270615
27  Domain Forest 'Het Broek'5967935657503 3151.0608844.381251
28  Technopolis, Mechelen (science/technology)603103 56511823151.0029634.469467
29 Zoo, Planckendael 60666256511433151.0019634.520161
30  Domain 'Kiewit', Municipal Nature Museum in Hasselt 66663556486173150.9650275.373103
31  Nat. Botanical Garden, Boechout (castle)593814 56425623150.9270584.334894
32 Atomium, Brussels 59434056390033150.8949764.341456
33  Oceade subtropical water park, Brussels593932 56389353150.8944314.335638
34  Medicinal Herb Garden 'Hortus Botanicus Lovaniensis' 61895956375753150.8775944.690912
35  Provincial Domain Nieuwenhoven657088 56360923150.8551635.231863
36  European Commission, Brussels596826 56333183150.8434564.375289
37  Erasmushuis, Anderlecht5920435632397 3150.8359564.307141
38 Marlpits, Opkanne 68812856319523150.8087115.670277
39  Provincial Domain De Gavers522327 56317833150.8373253.317079
40  Castle Park Groenenberg5849585628710 3150.8038914.205695
41  Intl. Rose Garden + castle, Kortrijk519628 56282143150.8053283.278558
42  Castle Park of Gaasbeek5843855627904 3150.7967284.197380
43  Where three countries meet, Botzelaar289893 56266933250.7539306.021186
44 Kemmelberg, Kemmel 48698856252833150.7791572.815438
45  Irish Peace Park in Mesen4926195623041 3150.7590942.895353
46  Amusement Park Walibi, SW of Wavre612003 56171213150.6951164.585845
47  Water Paradise Aqualibi, SW of Wavre612003 56171213150.6951164.585845
48  Provincial Domain 'Bois des Rêves'611500 56130513150.6586254.577499
49  Wesertal Dam, SE of Eupen2940375611306 3250.6172196.088429
50 Gileppe Dam 71024356082353150.5881115.970251
51  Inclined plane for ships, Ronquières586478 56051603150.5919304.221747
52 Paradiso Park 56277256044923150.5889543.886770
53  Signal de Botrange (highest point Belgium)293810 55984963250.5020856.092318
54 Safari Park, Deigné 69443455981313150.5028275.741918
55  Bath Installations, Spa7030205597362 3150.4930075.862423
56  Research Center for Bats, Comblain-au-Pont682623 55940293150.4697765.573539
57  Hydraulic Elevators for ships, Houdeng583380 55935573150.4880554.175392
58 Caves, Spy 61943955933713150.4801424.683452
59  Water reservoir, Robertville294859 55929933250.4530266.110108
60  Geological Garden, Obourg5710725591923 3150.4749844.001609
61  Cable Elevator for Ships, Strépy-Thien577705 55915753150.4710134.094997
62  Water Reservoir Bütgenbach3020205590849 3250.4362276.211991
63 Falls of Coo 70446755863503150.3935945.876790
64  Recreation Domain Homestead of Palogne679865 55859503150.3980425.530839
65 City Walls, Binche 58240855852773150.4137434.159872
66  Scientific Adventures Park (PASS), Frameries 56400755851853150.4152093.900905
67  Topiary Park in Durbuy6742915580580 3150.3514705.449998
68  Falcon Research Center, Nispreux672541 55796453150.3435845.424994
69  French Gardens, Annevoie-Rouillon631277 55787863150.3465094.845116
70  Cave "La Merveilleuse", Dinant635405 55685643150.2536924.899438
71  Park and Nature Reserve of Furfooz639579 55644903150.2161024.956455
72  Eau d'Heure reservoir + watchtower, Erpion598644 55609983150.1929494.381983
73 Relay of Falemprise 60042955609223150.1919664.406962
74 Aquacentre, Vergnies 59587255604743150.1886934.343027
75  Marble Quarry, Neuville6063965557407 3150.1593214.489545
76 Caves, Han 65627055549083150.1258135.186304
77 Book Market, Redu 65482055417103150.0075765.160695
78  Euro Space Center, Educational Park659242 55415853150.0052875.222309
79  ESA Satellite tracking station, Redu653956 55410233150.0016255.148370
80  Millenium Tower, South of Willerzie632340 55349203149.9519544.844811

More info on the Parks and Monuments

1 Domain Forests of Ravels. A 280 ha big domain forest with a visitors' center, huts, picnic tables, a playing ground, and sunbathing lawn. Sign posted walks guide you to the different places. Open daily from sunrise - sunset.

2 Het Zwin Sanctuary in Knokke-Heist. One of the most important Flemish Nature Reserves. A 125 ha big mudflat and salting area with a very specific flora and a great ornithological wealth. Open from Easter till the End of September daily from 9 AM - 7 PM. Rest of the year till 5 PM.

3 Butterfly Garden in Oosthoek. A 425 square meters big hothouse with exotic butterflies. Open from Early April - Early October daily from 10 AM - 5.30 PM.

4 Astronomical Clock in Kapellen. A 3.50 meters high clock with a weight of 1.500 kg, composed of 30.000 pieces. Shows on 55 dial plates 132 indications about time and weather forecast. Only guided visits by appointment.

5 Jetty in Blankenberge. A 350 meters long walking bridge to the former festivities pavilion, now housing "Aquarama", an exhibition about fishes, shells, and fossils. It also houses "Fun-Explo", an interactive exhibition about natural phenomena. Open from Easter till the first week of November. Aquarama and Fun-Explo from April - Mid September, daily from 11 AM - 6 PM. In July and August from 10 AM - 9 PM. From Mid-September - November 2, only during the weekends from 11 AM - 6 PM.

6 Sea Life Center in Blankenberge. Every thing about the flora and faun of the North Sea and rescue programs for seals and sharks. In an under water tunnel one can see the 1.500 fishes and a series of tropical sharks. Open daily from 10 AM - 6 PM.

7 Domain of Renesse. A 16th century castle, restored in the 19th and 20th century, surrounded by a 60 ha big park in English Landscape Style. Open daily from sunrise - sunset.

8 Recreation Domain De Lilse Bergen. Castle Domain with geometric garden and romantic landscape garden. On the playing ground there are adventurous play things. Possibility to swim, water biking, surf, and other sporting activities. Open from Easter till September 15, daily from 10 AM - 9 PM. During the rest of the year from 10 AM - 5 PM.

9 Fort Liefkenshoek in Lillo. Dating from the 16th century and situated on the left bank of the Schelde river, this fort houses a permanent exhibition about its history and the separation from The Netherlands. Open from May - Mid September from Wednesday - Monday from 1 PM.

10 Park of Brasschaat. A 170 ha big park with a castle from the 19th century, an animal park, a homestead, and sporting center. Open daily from sunrise - sunset.

11 State Dunes in Wenduine. A 157 ha big forest and dunes reserve with sign posted walking trails. Open all the time.

12 Zoerselbos, English Landscape Park. A 46 ha big English Landscape Park near a Neo-Classic castle from about 1900. Open all year from sunrise till sunset.

13 Fort Napoleon in Ostend. Renovated brick-built polygonal fort from 1810 - 1814, built on the orders of Napoleon. Permanent exhibition about fort-building and many cultural manifestations. There is also a restaurant-bistro in the complex. Open from April - October from Tuesday - Sunday from 10.30 AM - 1 PM and from 13.30 PM - 6 PM. Rest of the year during weekends from 2 PM - 5 PM.

14 Dodoens Garden. Reconstruction of a 16th century Renaissance Garden with about 400 Herbs, and a number of thematic gardens. Open daily from 10 AM till sunset, but not later than 8 PM.

15 Amandine Ship/museum in Ostend. The last Belgian ship with regular Icelandic trade (1962 - 1995). Now renovated and transformed to an interactive museum. Open: on Mondays from 2 PM - 7 PM; other days from 10 AM - 7 PM.

16 Aqutopia in Antwerp. A complex with 45 aquaria, which show all facets of the under water world. Over 10.000 animals/fishes. Open daily from 10 AM - 6 PM.

17 Mercator ship in Ostend. Three-master from 1932 and till 1960 instruction boat for sailors. Houses a museum with outlandish objects, collected during the many voyages around the world. Open from October - March during the weekends from 10 AM - 12.30 PM and from 2 PM - 4.30 PM. Rest of the year till 5.30 PM. In July and August always open.

18 Zoo in Antwerp. One of the oldest zoos in the world (1843) with species from all over the world, among which some very rare ones. The "Nocturama" is the home of night birds. Very popular. Open daily from 9 AM till 5 PM or till 6.15 PM, depending on the season.

19 Family park Bobbejaanland in Lichtaart. Over 50 attractions among which some very spectacular ones. Varying opening hours.

20 Boudewijnpark + dolphinarium in St. Michiels. This is a dolphinarium with dolphin and sea lion shows in a complex with 1.600 seats. The same complex houses a skating and roller-skating rink and an attraction park. Varying opening hours.

21 Provincial Domain Het Leen. A 253 ha big forest with 36 km walking routes, ponds, educational routes, arboretum, and a Forest Info Center. There is also a big playing ground. The forest is open daily from 9 AM, closing hours variable. The arboretum is open from April - October on working days from 1 PM - 4.30 PM. The Info Center is open daily from 9 AM - Noon and from 1 PM - 5 PM.

22 Rijselsestraat in Loppem (very old buildings). Historically one of the most important streets in Belgium with many old and often very photogenic buildings and houses, among which "De Swarten Hoop" (1581), one of the oldest inn in the region. To be visited whenever you like.

23 Provincial Domain Puyenbroeck. A 400 ha big domain with numerous recreational facilities. There is also a flower park and a zoo, a sport hall, swimming pools, sports terrains, a camping ground, and a cafeteria. Open from Easter - September daily. From October - Easter closed on Mondays.

24 Zoo in Olmen. A huge diversity in exotic animals, living in a natural habitat. Open from April - October daily from 10 AM - 6 PM.

25 Provincial Domain Lippensgoed-Bulskampveld. A 226 ha big domain with a castle from 1872, park, sunbathing lawns, play grounds, a fishing pond, herb garden, and walking routes. There is also a reception center for birds and wild animals. Open all year from sunrise - sunset.

26 Provincial Domain d'Ursel. A 28 ha big castle park domain with French garden. Open all year from sunrise - sunset.

27 Domain Forest "Het Broek". A 145 ha big forest with 15 ponds, 4 sign posted walking routes, a playing ground, picnic places, and a reception center. Open daily from sunrise - sunset.

28 Technopolis (science/technology) in Mechelen. A center where you can "do" science and technology. Over 260 interactive setups allow the visitor to experiment with technological applications, while they learn the scientific principles. Open daily from 9.30 AM - 5 PM.

29 Zoo Planckendael. A 40 ha big country seat with zoo in Muizen near Mechelen. About 1.000 animals live here. Open daily from 10 AM. Variable closing hours.

30 Domain "Kiewit", Municipal Nature Museum in Hasselt. This is a Nature Domain with Nature Educative Center. There is a children's zoo, a herb garden, a nature garden, a butterfly garden, and a Nature Domain of 70 ha. From there you can walk or cycle to the Provincial Domain Bokrijk. Open daily from sunrise - sunset.

31 National Botanical Garden in Boechout (Meise). Domain of 92 ha with one of the biggest collections vivid plants in Europe. Tropical and subtropical plants in a 1 ha big green house. A park with perennials around the 12th century castle of Boechout. Open daily at 9.30 AM. Closing hours variable with season.

32 Atomium in Brussels. This very special building has the same structure as an iron crystal, 165 billion times enlarged. Designed for the World Exhibition of 1958 and recently renovated. In six of the nine spheres is housed a permanent exhibition about the history of medicine. In the upper sphere is a restaurant with a splendid view over Brussels. Open from October - March from 10 AM - 6 PM. From April - September from 9 AM - 8 PM.

33 Oceade subtropical water park in Brussels. Water attraction park with an inside and an outside part. Ten water slides and many more attractions. Opening hour variable according to the season.

34 Medicinal Herb Garden "Hortus Botanicus Lovaniensis". The oldest herb garden in Belgium, dating from the 18th century. In the green houses you can admire many exotic plants. Open from May - September daily from 8 AM - 8 PM. From October - April daily from 8 AM - 5 PM. On Sundays and public holidays from 9 AM.

35 Provincial Domain Nieuwenhoven. A 160 ha former park forest with a visitors' center, a bee hall, walking routes, a pond, a play ground, and a cafeteria. Visitors' center open from April - October from Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM. During the weekends and on public holidays from 10 AM - 6 PM.

36 European Commission in Brussels. Guided tours for groups through the buildings of the European Commission, the Executive Counsel of Europe. Reservations to be made 8 weeks on forehand.

37 Erasmushuis in Anderlecht. House where Erasmus stayed in 1521. The collections of furniture, pieces of art, books, and archives show many milestones of European history. There is also a medicinal herbs garden and a philosophical garden. Open from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - 5 PM.

38 Marl pits in Opkanne. This is a 300 km long labyrinth, as a result of the exploitation of the marl. Wall paintings of pre-historic animals, old texts and a collection of fossils makes one think about long gone times. There is also a museum about the used material and an underground mushroom cultivation. The pits can only be visited with a guide. For individuals every Sunday at 3.30 PM. In July and August from Monday - Saturday at 2 PM. On Sundays at 3.30 PM.

39 Provincial Domain De Gavers. A 173 ha big provincial domain with the 65 ha big Gavermeer (lake), a sport center, a cafeteria, a nature reserve and the wooden old windmill "De Koutermolen". Domain open daily from sunrise - sunset. The Windmill is open from June - September during the weekends. In July and August daily from 2.15 PM - 5.45 PM.

40 Castle Park Groenenberg. A 46 ha big English Landscape Park around a Neo-Classic castle. Open from April - September daily from 8 AM - 8 PM. From October - March till 5 PM.

41 Intl. Rose Garden + castle in Kortrijk. Rose Garden at the castle 'T Hooghe from 1835. The garden shows the evolution from wild roses to the cultivated ones. The best period for a visit to the garden is from June - Mid September.

42 Castle Park of Gaasbeek. Splendid 42 ha big castle park with ponds, a vineyard, and a museum garden. Open from April - September daily from 8 AM - 8 PM. From October - March till 5 PM.

43 Where three countries meet. At 323 meters above sea level this point is part of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

44 Kemmelberg in Kemmel. (Mount Kemmel). A 18 meters high tower with a splendid view over the Land of the Hills. Open from Wednesday - Monday from 11 AM - 8 PM.

45 Irish Peace Park in Mesen. Founded in 1998 by the Irish Association "A Journey of Reconciliation". On the hill around Mesen both Northern and Southern Irish soldiers were killed during WWI. Can be visited all year. Commemorative Ceremonies on June 7 and November 11.

46 Amusement Park Walibi, SW of Wavre. A 62 ha big park with adventurous attractions for young and old. Open daily from 10 AM. In September and October only during the weekends. In May and June closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Varying closing hour.

47 Water Paradise Aqualibi, SW of Wavre. Indoor tropical water paradise. Varying opening hours.

48 Provincial Domain "Bois des Rêves" (Dream Forest). A 50 ha big domain with over 10 km sign posted walking routes, a play ground, a swimming pool with sand beach and sun trap (in July and August), a training circuit, a bridle path, a fishing pond (from April - Mid October), and a cafeteria. Open daily from 8.30 AM till 6 PM in October - March; till 7.30 PM in April, May and September. In June July and August till 9 PM.

49 Wesertal Dam, SE of Eupen. Over the 63 meters high dam a road leads to a parking lot and a restaurant. Around the lake only walking and biking are allowed. Swimming in the 126 ha big lake is prohibited.

50 Gileppe Dam. The whole site is dominated by a 78 meters high tower with elevator from which one has a splendid view over the lake and surroundings. Also splendid walks around the 130 ha big lake. Tower open all year from Tuesday - Sunday from 11 AM - 6 PM.

51 Inclined plane for ships in Ronquieres. To overcome a difference in water level of 68 meters in the canal Brussels-Charleroi for ships up to 1350 metric tons, one has build an inclined plane with a slope of 5 percent. The ships enter a water basin and are towed from one level to the other. Installations open from April - October daily from 10 AM - 7 PM. Tourist boat departure from May - September at Noon, 2 PM, 3.30 PM, and at 5.30 PM daily, except on Mondays and Wednesdays.

52 Paradisio Park. A beautiful bird park with 2.500 birds in 300 different species. It houses the biggest aviary of Europe. Now there are tropical hothouse, a children's farm, restaurants, a playing ground. Monkeys, reptiles and birds of prey can be admired here too. Open from Easter - November first, daily from 10 AM - 6 PM. In July and August till 7 PM.

53 Signal de Botrange (highest point Belgium). The highest point from Belgium. The actual tower and the restaurant on the site date from 1934. The tower has a height of 718 meters and from above one has a splendid view over a very vast landscape.

54 Safari Park in Deigné. A 86 ha big wild park with about 650 animals. Possibility to do a car or walking safari, and there is a playing ground and a children's zoo. Open from March 15 - November 15, daily from 10 AM. Variable closing hours.

55 Bath Installations in Spa. The famous bath installations in Spa lay at the origin of "Spa vacations" worldwide. Open only for clients, daily from 9 AM - 8 PM. Reservation 2 - 4 weeks beforehand are necessary.

56 Research Center for Bats in Comblain-au-Pont. This site contains several rare species of bats. Situated in a strange construction of geo-morphologic architecture, the interpretation center shows every thing specific of this flying mammal. Open during school holidays and in July and August from 10 AM - 5 PM.

57 Hydraulic Elevators for ships in Houdeng. Six locks and 4 hydraulic lifts overcome a 90 meters difference in water level in the canal. Visit possible on board of a boat or with a tourist train. Since 1998 the lifts are on the Unesco List of World Heritage. Visits from May - October on Saturdays at 10 AM, 1.30 PM, and 3.30 PM. On Sundays at 9.45 AM, Noon, 1.30 PM, and 3.30 PM and also by appointment for groups.

58 Caves of Spy. In 1886 researchers Depuydt and Lhest found the remains of a Neanderthal man in these caves. Normally the cave is always open.

59 Water Reservoir of Robbertville. The dam, erected in 1929, is 182 meters long, 55 meters high and has a base of 38 meters. The lake has a surface of 63 ha and a capacity of 8 million cubic meters of water. Part of the lake is arranged as swimming pool with sand beach. You can hire boats, water bikes, and electric boats. Swimming pool open from May till Mid September when the weather is good.

60 Geological Garden in Obourg. In this attractive garden one can discover the evolution of our environment during the past 500 million years. A Audio-guided walk leads along rocks, fossils, a bird observatory, and passes through a stone-pit, in which nature has restored an equilibrium. Open from Easter till November 1 from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - 5 PM. In July and August till 6 PM during the weekends.

61 Cable Elevator for Ships in Strépy-Thien. In this lift river ships are brought up or down in order to overcome a level difference of 73 meters. They are transported in basins of 112 x 12 meters. Open from February - November daily from 9.30 AM - 6.30 PM.

62 Water Reservoir of Bütgenbach. The dam was build in 1932 and is unique by its building technique. The splendid surroundings make that many water sport enthusiasts and walkers visit the lake.

63 Falls of Coo. The biggest and best known falls in Belgium. The water comes down in two streams from a height of 15 meters.

64 Recreation Domain Homestead of Palogne. Recreation Park at the borders of the river Ourthe. There is a terrace and a big playing ground. Possibilities to walk and swim, as well as other active sports. And there are also mountain bikes and kayaks for rent. Open during the weekends from 9 AM - 6 PM. On working days from about 10 AM till the last visitors leave.

65 City Walls in Binche. The City Walls from the 13th and 14th century had a total length of 2075 meters. Nowadays 1750 meters remain. With a height of 12.80 meters and 25 towers this is really a spectacular inheritance of the past. To be visited whenever you like.

66 Scientific Adventures Park (PASS) in Frameries. The PASS is a unique place where one discovers science by playing. Exhibitions, workshops, and animations in 4 languages: French, Dutch, English, and German. Open all year from Tuesday - Friday from 9 AM - 5 PM. During weekends and on public holidays and during school holidays from 10 AM - 6 PM.

67 Topiary Park in Durbuy. Unique collection of boxus plant statues in a 10.000 square meter big park. Open daily from 10 AM - 6 PM, all year, except in January.

68 Falcon Research Center in Nispreux. In this center the birds live in natural conditions and are dressed for hunting. Open from Easter - November 15. Daily demonstrations at 4 PM. During the weekends and on public holidays also at 2 PM.

69 French Gardens in Annevoie-Rouillon. Beautiful French gardens from 1758, completed with Italian and English styles. Open from Easter - November 1, daily from 9.30 AM - 6.30 PM.

70 Cave "La Merveilleuse" in Dinant. This nice cave has its galleries spread over 3 floors. Splendid sinter deposits and impressive halls. Open from April - October daily from 10 AM - 6 PM.

71 Park and Nature Reserve of Furfooz. The 52 ha big Nature Reserve consists of two parts: a for the public open Park with pre-historic caves, ruins of a Roman Stronghold and a Stronghold from the Middle-Ages, as well as Roman baths with underground heating. The other part is a biologic reserve. Open from April - October, and in December, daily from 10 AM - 5 PM. In July and August daily from 9 AM - 6 PM.

72 Eau d'Heure reservoir + watchtower in Erpion. A great complex of dams with lakes. The complex has 60 km of beaches and is surrounded by 90 km of roads. There are many possibilities for water recreation. The visitors' Center houses an Ecological Museum. Complex open all time. Visitors' Center and watch tower open daily from 10 AM till 6 PM in April, May and June; till 7 PM in July and August, and in September till 6 PM.

73 Relay of Falemprise. A recreation center with playing ground, a sandy beach, mini-golf, miniature harbor, equestrian center, 3 tennis grounds, etc. Open from April - September daily from 11 AM - 6 PM (7 PM during weekends). In July and August daily from 10 AM - 8 PM (9 PM during the weekends).

74 Aquacentre in Vergnies. Center with whimsical inside and outside swimming pools, an inside river, and many, many water attractions, as well as 6 tennis courts and 2 squash halls. A bar-restaurant completes the whole. Varying opening hours.

75 Marble Quarry in Neuville. Classified site. In the quarry a 25 meters high wall of red marble, in which one can distinguish many fossils.

76 Caves in Han. The biggest caves complex in Belgium with a series of splendid underground halls. Multi-lingual guides lead the tourists through the really beautiful halls. The return trip is in a boat over the underground part of the river Lesse. Varying opening hours.

77 Book Market in Redu. Since 1984 Redu is a real books village with numerous antiquarian shops, second hand books shops, and arts crafts workshops. Most shops are open from 10 AM - 6 PM.

78 Euro Space Center, Educational Park. An educational amusement park with as central theme the conquer of space and the spin-off for daily life. Many models of well-known space vehicles. Open from April - September daily from 10 AM - 5 PM.

79 ESA Satellite tracking Station in Redu. Ground Station from the European Space Agency to follow European Satellites. Open only for groups and by appointment.

80 Millennium Tower, South of Willerzie. One of the nicest lookout towers in the Ardenne Region, inaugurated in 2001 on the highest top of the Namur Province. There are 234 steps and platforms at 15, 30, and 45 meters high. Open daily from 8 AM - 6 PM (April and May); till 8 PM (from June - September); till 4.30 PM (from October - March).

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