Explanation of Cathedrals in Belgium

Strictly spoken, not all churches is this category are "cathedrals", as you will see below.

A Cathedral is the chief church of a diocese and in itself is also a parish church. The bishop is technically the pastor of the cathedral parish.

A Basilica is a church of historic and spiritual importance. The Holy Father officially designates a church as a "basilica"

A Collegiate Church is a church served and administered by a college of canons or prebendaries, presided over by a dean or provost. In its governing a collegiate church is similar to a cathedral, although it is not the seat of a bishop.


In Flanders a "Cathedral" will be indicated as "Kathedraal" or "Domkerk". In Wallonia this becomes "Cathédrale".

A "Basilica" is a "Basiliek" in Flemish and a "Basilique" in French.

A "Collegiate Church" is a "Collegiale Kerk" or "Stiftskerk" in Flanders and a "Collégiale" in Wallonia.

Belgian Cathedrals on Google Maps

All the important churches are rather well spread over the territory.

All Cathedrals with their GPS-Coordinates

As with most categories, we assume that you approach these POIs by car, so we have provided GPS-Coordinates of the square in front of the buildings.

Belgian Cathedrals, Basilicas and Collegiate Churches WGS 84
NumberName, Place Easting NorthingZone LatitudeLongitude
1  Cathedral of Our Lady, Antwerp597803 56752663151.2203954.400484
2  Cathedral of the Saviour and St. Donat, Bruges 51539856732893151.2107903.220440
3  Basilica of the Precious Blood, Bruges515804 56730493151.2086203.226242
4  Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Antwerp598628 56727123151.1972944.411591
5  Benedictine Abbatial Basilica of St. Andrew, Sint-Andries/Zevenkerken 51110056676293151.1599943.158735
6  Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes, Oostakker553454 56593283151.0829653.763149
7  Cathedral of St. Bavo, Ghent550851 56560223151.0534763.725525
8  Cathedral of St. Rombald, Mechelen603709 56541233151.0292924.478942
9  Abbatial Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, Dendermonde 57707456536863151.0295524.099108
10  Basilica of Our Lady of Hanswijk, Mechelen604168 56533383151.0221524.485259
11  Basilica of Our Lady, Scherpenheuvel638853 56494753150.9801054.978055
12  Cathedral of St. Quentin, Hasselt664316 56446523150.9300675.338318
13  Virga-Jesse Basilica of Our Lady, Hasselt664143 56446263150.9298835.335846
14  Collegiate Church of St. Martin, Aalst573102 56434193150.9377604.040411
15  Abbatial Basilica of St. Servais, Grimbergen 59640756433023150.9332834.371974
16  Basilica of Our Lady of Consolation Carmel, Vilvoorde 60011956426473150.9267624.424603
17  Basilica of Our Lady, Kortenbos657603 56363523150.8573595.239286
18  National Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Koekelberg/Brussels 59258756359083150.8674354.315752
19  Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula, Brussels 59566456337903150.8478934.358913
20  Cathedral of St. Martin, Ypres491838 56333423150.8517182.884051
21  Basilica of Our Lady, Dadizele506656 56333163150.8515043.094554
22  Basilica of Our Lady, Tongeren673718 56283173150.7805535.464234
23  Collegiate Church of St. Martin and Hadelin, Visé 69023856235953150.7329525.695870
24  Basilica of St. Martin, Halle587311 56213013150.7369294.237321
25  Basilica of Our Lady, Basse-Wavre614683 56203633150.7237374.624782
26  Cistercian Abbatial Basilica of Our Lady, Aubel 69804456200743150.6987185.804461
27  Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew, Liège 68257456138503150.6478645.582569
28  Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross, Liège681671 56135513150.6454615.569663
29  Basilica of St. Martin, Liège681248 56134073150.6442995.563616
30  Collegiate Church of St. Denis, Liège681999 56132983150.6430855.574173
31  Collegiate Church of St. John, Liège681529 56132643150.6429265.567516
32  Cathedral of St. Paul, Liège681791 56129713150.6402125.571074
33  Former Cathedral of St. Nicholas, Eupen290113 56129433250.6305226.032110
34  Collegiate Church of St. Georges, Limbourg707881 56116783150.6198805.938855
35  Basilica of Our Lady, Vaux-sous-Chèvremont686840 56084183150.5977145.640110
36  Cathedral of Our Lady, Tournai527461 56061833150.6068913.388082
37  Collegiate Church of St. Gertrude, Nivelles 59364356058703150.5972084.323124
38  Basilica of Our Lady, Tongre-Notre-Dame554931 56036163150.5818683.775884
39  Collegiate Church of St. Vincent, Soignies575809 56036143150.5795124.070731
40  Collegiate Church of St. Georges, Amay664198 56022233150.5488565.317735
41  Collegiate Church of Our Lady, Huy658654 55987303150.5189985.238057
42  Collegiate Church of St. Maurice, Sclayn643838 55949723150.4890515.027754
43  Collegiate Church of St. Begge, Andenne649008 55948753150.4868875.100548
44  Basilica of Our Lady of Help, Bon-Secours543084 55940783150.4970903.607457
45  Cathedral of St. Alban, Namur631976 55919273150.4644734.859553
46  Former Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul and St. Quirin, Malmédy 28892955903033250.4267636.028203
47  Collegiate Church of St. Medard, Ouffet675220 55901433150.4371195.467503
48  Collegiate Church of St. Waudru, Mons567336 55894523150.4532063.948521
49  Collegiate Church of St. Usmer, Binche582794 55847963150.4093634.165197
50  Collegiate Church of St. Feuillen, Fosses-la-Ville 62060355841583150.3970844.696886
51  Abbatial Basilica of Our Lady, Vellereille-les-Brayeux 58098955821843150.3861294.139237
52  Collegiate Church of St. Usmer, Lobbes590123 55779313150.3465604.266671
53  Collegiate Church of Our Lady, Ciney649602 55737243150.2966445.100496
54  Collegiate Church of Our Lady, Dinant636279 55694013150.2610154.911992
55  Basilica of Our Lady, Walcourt602085 55675483150.2512564.431937
56  Collegiate Church of St. Etienne, Waha667212 55648713150.2123615.343634
57  Collegiate Church of St. Monon, Nassogne667308 55555603150.1286635.340885
58  Abbatial Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul, Saint-Hubert 67001555442513150.0262695.373700
59  Abbatial Basilica of Our Lady of Orval, Villers-devant-Orval 66965055010913149.6385085.349731

More info on the Cathedrals

1 Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp. The biggest Gothic building in Holland and Belgium, with a steeple of 123 meters high. Four important paintings from Rubens and work of his contemporaries. Open every working day from 10 AM - 5 PM. On Saturday from 10 AM - 3 PM; On Sundays and on public holidays from 1 PM - 4 PM.

2 Cathedral of the Savior and St. Donat in Bruges. The oldest parochial church of Bruges. Numerous paintings from the 17th and 18th century and a marble Madonna from 1771. Open on Mondays from 2 PM - 5.45 PM; from Tuesday - Friday from 9 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 5.45 PM; on Saturdays from 9 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 3.30 PM; on Sundays from 9 AM - 10.15 AM and from 2 PM - 5.45 PM.

Cathedral in Bruges

3 Basilica of the Precious Blood in Bruges. The facade of the Basilica with its three Flamboyant-style arches and gilded statues was erected between 1529 1534. The Basilica itself consists of a Romanesque lower chapel and late Gothic upper chapel. The lower chapel from 1149 houses relics of St. Basil. An elegant spiral staircase leads to the upper chapel from 1480 where every Friday the vial containing the Holy Blood is brought out and shown to the faithul.

5 Benedictine Abbatial Basilica of St. Andrew in Sint-Andries/Zevenkerken. Abbey from the late 19th century with reception center with cafeteria and a book shop, the Abbatial Church, a retreat, a ceramics workshop, and an icon workshop. The Abbey cannot be visited, but the church is open daily from 7 AM - 9 PM.

Basilica of St. Andrew

6 Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes in Oostakker. Gothic Church from 1873. The miraculous shrine of the Blessed Virgin is a place of pilgrimage from Belgium, the Netherlands and Northern France.

7 Cathedral of St. Bavo in Ghent. Gothic church, fist mentioned in 942. Rich interior with master pieces from Jan van Eyck and Peter Paul Rubens. Open from April - October daily from 8.30 AM - 6 PM. From November - March daily from 8.30 AM - 5 PM.

8 Cathedral of St. Rombald in Mechelen. Very nice church in Brabant High Gothic style from the 13th - the 16th century. The 97 meters high steeple contains two carillons with each 49 bells. Very rich interior. Visitors can climb on the steeple from Easter Sunday - the end of September during the weekends and on public holidays at 2.15 PM. From June 1 - September 15 also on Mondays at 7 PM. In July and August daily at 2.15 PM. The church is open from Tuesday - Sunday from 9.30 AM - 4.30 PM.

9 Abbatial Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Dendermonde. The Church and the Abbey date from the 17th century. The Church was rebuilt in 1900. The Abbey was destroyed in 1914. The actual Abbey dates from 1920-1924 and from 1945-1948. Church open daily from 7 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6.30 PM.

10 Basilica of Our Lady of Hanswijk in Mechelen. Built between 1663 and 1681, this church is a unique Baroque domed church. One of the nicest in Belgium. Open from Tuesday - Sunday from 1.30 PM - 4.30 PM. From April - October till 5.30 PM.

11 Basilica of Our Lady in Scherpenheuvel. Baroque Church, built between 1609 and 1627. It is one of the most important places of pilgrimage in Belgium with the miraculous statue of Our Lady and with Statues and paintings from the 17th century. Guided visits for groups.

12 Cathedral of St. Quentin in Hasselt. Gothic church (11th - 19th century) with rich interior. Carillon museum in the steeple. Guided visits by appointment at the Hasselt Tourist Board.

13 Virga-Jesse Basilica of Our Lady in Hasselt. Church from 1727-1728, which was severely damaged during WWII. Rebuilt in 1950-1951. In the interior: Statue of Our Lady of Virga-Jesse and part of the treasure of Herkenrode Abbey in Kuringen. Guided visits by appointment at the Tourist Office Hasselt.

14 Collegiate Church of St. Martin in Aalst. Many times restored. Furniture from the 18th century and 16th - 20th century statues, and many paintings. Open: daily from 9 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6 PM.

15 Abbatial Basilica of St. Servais in Grimbergen. Church from the 17th century with impressive Baroque interior, a great number of Flemish Masters, marble mausoleum of Filips-Frans van Bergen, prince of Grimbergen. Open: all working days from 10 AM - Noon and from 1 PM - 5 PM. On Sundays from 1 PM - 6 PM.

16 Basilica of Our Lady of Consolation Carmel in Vilvoorde. Church from the 14th century with a choir stalls from the 17th century, as well as a Baroque pulpit. Open: daily from 7 AM - Noon and from 1.30 PM - 5.30 PM.

17 Basilica of Our Lady in Kortenbos. This pilgrimage church was built on the place where there was a tree chapel with a miraculous statue in the past.

18 National Basilica of the Sacred Heart in Koekelberg/Brussels. Twentieth century church, consecrated in 1951. It is the biggest Art-Deco building in the world and only 4 churches in the world are bigger. Open: daily from 8 AM - 6 PM. From November - April till 5 PM.

19 Cathedral of St. Michael and St. Gudula in Brussels. A building from the 13th century with a front from the 15th century. Very nice are the leaded light windows, offered by Emperor Charles. Open daily from 8 AM - 6 PM.

20 Cathedral of St. Martin in Ypres. After WWI rebuilt in Gothic style. Open daily from 9 AM - 5 PM.

21 Basilica of Our Lady in Dadizele. Monumental Neo-Gothic church from 1878 in a steel construction. In the interior a miraculous statue of Our Lady, venerated since the 14th century. Open every day from 7 AM - 7 PM.

Basilica Dadizele

22 Basilica of Our Lady in Tongeren. Monumental Gothic Basilica (1240-1544, modified in the 19th century). Many precious pieces of Art. Open daily from 8 AM - Noon and from 1.30 PM - 5 PM.

23 Collegiate Church of St. Martin and Hadelin in Visé. The first church was erected in 779, several times destroyed and rebuilt. Last time destroyed in 1914. Only the chancel from 1524 survived. The church was rebuilt in 1924.

24 Basilica of St. Martin in Halle. Gothic church from 14th - 15th century. In the interior precious pieces of Art, as there is a wall tabernacle from 1409, a baptismal font from 1446 and a alabaster retable from 1553. Open: daily from 9 AM - 6 PM.

25 Basilica of Our Lady in Basse-Wavre. Rebuilt from 1710-1716. Most important object is a shrine of Our Lady. Open: daily from 8 AM - 6 PM.

27 Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew in Liège. The church was built between the end of the 11th and the end of the 12th century and is famous for its huge baptismal font in brass. Open: daily from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 5 PM, but not on Sunday morning.

28 Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross in Liège. Church built and rebuilt between the 12th and the 18th century.

29 Basilica of St. Martin in Liège. Gothic church, built between 1506 and 1542. The church contains a Calvary from the 16th century, the mausoleum of Eracle, and many more precious objects.

30 Collegiate Church of St. Denis in Liège. Gothic church from the 14th century. At the end of the 17th century the interior was adapted to the Baroque style of that time. Restored in 1987.

31 Collegiate Church of St. John in Liège. Neo-Classic church from 1754 with a Roman steeple from 987.

32 Cathedral of St. Paul in Liège. The Cathedral represents many centuries of architecture and contains numerous art treasures. Open daily from 8 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 5 PM.

33 Former Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Eupen. The church was built in 1721-1726, butt the front and the two baroque steeples date from 1897-1898.

36 Cathedral of Our Lady in Tournai. This is one of the most splendid religious buildings of the West. The church has five 83 meters high steeples. Open daily from 9 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6 PM.

37 Collegiate Church of St. Gertrude in Nivelles. This church is , as well as in an architectural as in an archaeological way, the most important Roman church in Walloon Brabant. The interior is impressive by its dimensions: 102 meters long with a 40 meters long, 20 meters large, and 10 meters high, splendid nave. There is so much to admire in this church. Guided tours from Monday - Friday at 2 PM. During weekends and on public holidays at 2 PM and at 3 PM.

39 Collegiate Church of St. Vincent in Soignies. Nice and impressive Roman church (11th - 12th century), with Gothic additions (13th - 16th century). A Renaissance rood-loft, the pulpit from the 17th century, choir stalls, and splendid statues are among the many things to admire. Open: daily from 8 AM - 6 PM.

40 Collegiate Church of St. Georges in Amay. The oldest parts date from th 11th century. The eye-catcher is the shrine of St. Oda and St. Joris, a master piece from about 1238. Open from Tuesday - Saturday from 9 AM - Noon. In July and August from Tuesday - Friday from 10 AM - 4 PM. and on Saturdays from 9 AM - 5.30 PM and on Sundays from 2 PM - 5.30 PM.

41 Collegiate Church of Our Lady in Huy. The church, of which the erection started in 1311, reflects several phases of the Gothic style. Numerous old paintings and Statues, and a Roman crypt. Open: daily from 9 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 5 PM.

42 Collegiate Church of St. Maurice in Sclayn. This Roman church contains many gravestones in black marble from the 14th century. In the interior splendid sculpted choir stalls in Renaissance style.

43 Collegiate Church of St. Begge in Andenne. Built between 1764 and 1783. In the interior: the grave of St. Begge, important church treasure with a splendid shrine from St. Begge and a statue of St. Peter. Open: every first Sunday in May, June, September and October, and from July 15 - August 15, every Sunday from 3 PM - 6.30 PM.

45 Cathedral of St. Alban in Namur. This building (1751-1761) reunites Middle Ages, Baroque, and Classicism. Adjacent to the church is a free standing Gothic tower from 1334. It is all that there was left of the former Collegiate Church. Open from Monday - Saturday from 7 AM - 6 PM. On Sundays from 8 AM - 8 PM.

46 Former Cathedral of Sts. Peter and Paul and St. Quirin in Malmédy. This old Abbatial church was built in 1775 in Louis XVI style. In the interior very interesting furniture, the marble altar from 1773, and the wooden St. Quirin shrine from 1698. The carillon from 1786 has 35 bells. Open daily from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6 PM.

48 Collegiate Church of St. Waudru in Mons. Late Gothic Brabant church. Impressive interior with a very rich church treasure. Church open daily from 9 AM - 6.30 PM; On Sundays celebration of the Eucharist at 8 AM, 10 AM, 3 PM, and 5 PM. Treasure open from Tuesday - Sunday from 1.30 PM - 6 PM, on Sundays till 5 PM.

50 Collegiate Church of St. Feuillen in Fosses-la-Ville. The most impressive parts are the Roman steeple from the 10th century and the Roman crypt from 1086, the only one that can be visited in Europe. Guided visits: every day, except on Mondays, from 10 AM - Noon and from 1 PM - 4 PM. During weekends from 10 AM - 5 PM.

51 Abbatial Basilica of Our Lady in Vellereille-les-Brayeux. The church dates from 1776, but the steeple is from the 13th century. The Abbey houses a boarding school. Guided visits from Easter - All Saints' Day on Saturdays and Sundays at 3 PM and at 5 PM.

52 Collegiate Church of St. Usmer in Lobbes. The church has two steeples: the steeple to the West from the 11th century and the steeple on the cross-nave from 1865. In the crypt are splendid gravestones from the 16th century, a well with healing water and a much worn off statue of Dom Cailier. Guided visits for groups by appointment.

54 Collegiate Church of Our Lady in Dinant. Church built between 1229 and 1375. Very nice interior. Open: daily from 10 AM - 5 PM.

55 Basilica of Our Lady in Walcourt. With elements from the Roman period till the Gothic period. A splendid rood-loft from 1531, forty choir stalls and a wooden statue of Our Lady from the 10th century. Open all year from 10 AM - 5 PM.

56 Collegiate Church of St. Etienne in Waha. This is the oldest Roman church of Belgium. Probably dating from the 10th century. Sober interior with splendid furniture and statues. Open: daily till 7 PM.

58 Abbatial Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul in Saint-Hubert. This church is one of most beautiful churches from the Late Gothic in Belgium. Open: daily from 9 AM - 6 PM; in the winter period till 5 PM.

59 Abbatial Basilica of Our Lady of Orval in Villers-devant-Orval. The Abbey was founded in 1070 deep in the Ardenne forests. The ruins from the Middle Ages remained. Within the walls of the Abbey, the monks still brew their own Trappist Beer. Open from June - September: daily from 9.30 AM - 6.30 PM. In March, April, May, and October: daily from 9.30 AM - 6 PM. From November - February: daily from 10.30 AM - 5.30 PM.

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