Castles in Belgium

Belgium counts about 3000 castles on a total land surface of a little more than 30.000 square kilometers, or on average 1 castle for every 10 square kilometers. Most of them you will never see as they are hidden deep inside their own fenced forests or otherwise inaccessible. Sometimes when driving on the motorway you can discover a castle in a beautiful landscape. However, do not leave at the next exit, because you will probably not be able to find out how to get there, if at all possible.


In Flanders a "Castle" will be indicated as "Kasteel". In Wallonia you will read "Château".

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All Castles with their GPS-Coordinates

These coordinates will help you to find the most beautiful castles in Belgium. Unless you want absolutely get to a point "the fastest way", we advise to choose "the shortest way" or "scenic routes" if your navigator offers this choice. This way finding a castle is even more enjoyable, because the route towards it will already be a pleasure.

Most Interesting Castles in Belgium WGS 84
NumberCastle Name, Place Easting NorthingZone LatitudeLongitude
1  Dukes of Brabant castle, Turnhout635631 56877053151.3244504.946591
2 Renesse castle, Malle 62047256846693151.3005764.728115
3  Veltwijck castle, Ekeren5991795681528 3151.2764494.421916
4  s-Gravenwezel castle, Schilde609457 56800283151.2610844.568755
5  Ter Leyen castle, Assenede5501325678643 3151.2569373.718420
6  Schoten castle, Schoten6039285678102 3151.2448064.488982
7  Borrekens castle, Vorselaar624265 56755153151.2174874.779316
8  Vrieselhof provincial domain, Ranst611761 56754313151.2193164.600328
9  Rivierenhof provincial domain, Antwerpen602744 56747953151.2152934.471077
10  Cortewalle castle, Beveren5883405674356 3151.2137574.264792
11 Male castle, Bruges 52018256730853151.2088063.288916
12  Hof ter Saksen castle, Beveren586564 56726003151.1982424.238947
13  Ryckevelde castle, Bruges5206105671912 3151.1982433.294976
14  Tillegembos provincial domain, Bruges513813 56697613151.1791063.197613
15  Sorghvliedt castle, Antwerpen594605 56697083151.1709694.353239
16  Caloen castle, Zedelgem5142235667286 3151.1568403.203381
17  Wissekerke castle, Kruibeke591057 56668143151.1455284.301770
18  Hemiksemhof castle, Hemiksem594398 56665393151.1425154.349448
19  Cleydael castle, Aartselaar594414 56661023151.1385844.349562
20  Solhof castle, Aartselaar5974935666047 3151.1375734.393545
21  Gestelhof castle, Berlaar6162075665678 3151.1307644.660809
22 Rameyenhof, Berlaar 61783956649013151.1234474.683869
23  Herlaar castle, Herenthout6217935664823 3151.1219194.740316
24  Sombeke castle, Waasmunster638978 56639083151.1097854.985374
25  Blauwendael castle, Waasmunster575732 56624463151.1084904.081809
26  Provincial Domain d'Ursel, Bornem588957 56620843151.1033354.270589
27  Marnix van Sint-Aldegonde castle, Bornem585188 56619793151.1029644.216744
28  Merode castle, Westerlo6341295660946 3151.0843204.915045
29  d'Aertrycke castle, Torhout506005 56602733151.0939223.085752
30  Schouwbroek castle, Vinderhoute545056 56594503151.0847833.643277
31  Wijnendale castle, Torhout5041325658616 3151.0790393.058986
32  Ter Motten castle, Dilsen-Stokkem691151 56574733151.0369645.726510
33  Ravenhof castle, Torhout5069775656982 3151.0643183.099568
34  Gravensteen castle, Gent5505075656429 3151.0571663.720675
35  Meylandt castle, Heusden-Zolder660039 56545683151.0203695.281870
36 Poeke castle, Aalter 53155056545173151.0413273.450026
37  Laarne castle, Laarne5588165653276 3151.0280243.838709
38  Beauvoorde castle, Veurne4758395651671 3151.0160932.655557
39  Diepensteyn castle, Londerzeel589187 56506703151.0006864.271061
40  Ooidonk castle, Deinze5409695650154 3151.0015013.583878
41  de Blankaart castle and Nature Reserve, Diksmuide 49097956480323150.9838072.871485
42  Olmenhof-Hariaz domain, Herk-de-Stad652337 56449723150.9362315.168118
43  Moorsel water castle, Aalst577576 56444393150.9463464.104291
44  Horst castle, Holsbeek6287355644041 3150.9336164.832077
45  Rumbeke castle, Roeselare5097485641666 3150.9265483.138702
46  Sterrebos Provincial Domain, Roeselare509676 56416353150.9262713.137676
47  Ham castle, Steenokkerzeel6064255641353 3150.9140014.513922
48  Ingelmunster castle, Ingelmunster517902 56408733150.9192223.254683
49  Blauwhuis castle, Izegem5156195640762 3150.9182903.222199
50  Wemmel castle, Wemmel5916235640321 3150.9072634.303163
51  Hernieuwenburg castle, Wielsbeke526222 56400083150.9111253.372983
52  Kruishoutem castle, Kruishoutem537535 56397413150.9080993.533866
53  Leeuwergem castle, Zottegem557696 56380053150.8908273.820319
54  Wannegem-Lede castle, Kruishoutem539650 56380033150.8923303.563758
55  Groot-Bijgaarden castle, Dilbeek588910 56365643150.8739104.263672
56  Arenberg castle, Leuven6184525635983 3150.8633884.683193
57  Breivelde castle domain, Zottegem558512 56359713150.8724553.831593
58  Zonnebeke castle domain, Zonnebeke499061 56355633150.8717482.986655
59  Alden Biesen castle, Bilzen677546 56352553150.8417255.521836
60  t Rood castle, Kortessem6698125634803 3150.8399865.411880
61  Schalkhoven water castle, Hoeselt672609 56345583150.8369575.451453
62  Viron castle, Dilbeek5889495633656 3150.8477594.263519
63  La Motte castle, Dilbeek5840965632531 3150.8383714.194340
64  Kwabeek castle, Boutersem6286425632358 3150.8286284.826643
65  Rullingen castle, Borgloon6632935631834 3150.8151845.318050
66  Winecastle Genoelselderen, Riemst678646 56311323150.8043465.535436
67  Rijkel castle, Borgloon6593065630486 3150.8041825.260914
68  Betho castle, Tongeren6725145628616 3150.7835995.447312
69  de la Motte castle, Sint-Truiden660155 56283073150.7843685.272003
70  Gaasbeek castle, Lennik5843685627898 3150.7966774.197137
71  Meldert castle, Meldert6294735627039 3150.7806354.836560
72 Hex castle, Heers 66646356268333150.7693475.360744
73  De Warande castle, Heuvelland487562 56254573150.7807342.823574
74  Beersel castle, Beersel5916995624676 3150.7665964.300329
75 Commanderie, Voeren 69911456243193150.7364815.821884
76  Domain Solvay, La Hulpe6031155623302 3150.7523274.461774
77  Huizingen Provincial Domain and castle, Beersel 59018856220133150.7428904.278256
78  Ter Rijst castle domain, Pepingen576737 56198073150.7249894.087192
79  Rixensart castle, Rixensart608462 56193203150.7155554.536374
80 Burg Raeren, Raeren 29667756179963250.6782336.122027
81  Empain castle, Enghien5735175616102 3150.6920924.040842
82  Wégimont castle, Soumagne6938195610116 3150.6106915.739493
83  Castle-Fortress, Fallais6534735608346 3150.6067965.168992
84  Harlue castle, Bolinne-Harlue635470 56080253150.6083694.914605
85  Val-Saint-Lambert castle, Seraing675615 56075663150.5935445.481258
86  Oultremont castle, Warnant-Dreye657069 56070483150.5941745.219225
87  Attre castle, Brugelette5595645606606 3150.6083003.841796
88 Jehay castle, Amay 66451856054023150.5773325.323653
89  Louvignies castle, Soignies569838 56042463150.5859403.986529
90  Ecaussinnes-Lalaing castle, Ecaussinnes583427 56024553150.5680534.178046
91  Miremont castle, Féluy5881635602121 3150.5643544.244826
92  Princes de Ligne castle, Antoing531589 56016373150.5658003.446032
93  Fernelmont castle, Fernelmont640595 56013613150.5472624.984472
94  Beloeil castle, Beloeil5518635600059 3150.5501623.732057
95  Corroy-le-Château castle, Gembloux617324 55991563150.5325734.655473
96  Seneffe castle, Seneffe5897745597921 3150.5263474.266554
97  Le Roeulx castle, Le Roeulx578672 55954773150.5059704.109443
98 Avouerie, Anthisnes 67896955950223150.4798245.522576
99  Reinhardstein castle, Waimes294291 55929623250.4525496.102135
100 Citadel, Namur 63229155914403150.4600254.863817
101  Harzé castle, Aywaille6893305591112 3150.4414445.666474
102  Trazegnies castle, Courcelles594390 55907993150.4615874.329861
103  Modave castle, Modave6623685590145 3150.4408335.286677
104  Bivort castle, Fontaine-L'Eveque594068 55853053150.4122434.323946
105  Monceau-sur-Sambre castle, Charleroi598086 55850373150.4091764.380410
106  Petite Somme castle, Septon671122 55801173150.3482405.405284
107  Crupet castle, Assesse6394655579427 3150.3503884.960367
108 Acoz castle, Acoz 60914155792753150.3554254.534263
109  Spontin castle, Yvoir6428855576510 3150.3233505.007303
110  Ham-sur-Heure castle, Ham-sur-Heure599114 55753383150.3218024.392319
111  Deulin castle, Hotton6710075575036 3150.3026175.401366
112  Fosteau castle, Thuin5891485573286 3150.3049434.251873
113  Falaën castle-farm, Onhaye6279875571110 3150.2782334.796296
114  Thy-le-Château castle, Thy-le-Château601660 55710103150.2824564.426908
115 Citadel, Dinant 63644855694733150.2616234.914388
116  Freÿr castle and gardens, Hastière634525 55656453150.2276554.886065
117  Valéry Cousin Provincial Domain, Ciney651499 55656083150.2232185.123865
118  Vêves castle, Houyet6414085565092 3150.2210794.982300
119  Ruines, La Roche-en-Ardenne683949 55620373150.1819335.576607
120  Lavaux castle, Lavaux-Sainte-Anne649615 55536413150.1161415.092767
121  Chimay castle, Chimay5939775544883 3150.0488104.312649
122  Bouillon stronghold, Bouillon648604 55175873149.7923335.064727

More info on the Castles

1 Dukes of Brabant castle in Turnhout. Dates from the 12th century and was restored in the 16th century. Now it is a court of justice. Interior can be visited after written demand at the court.

2 Renesse castle in Malle. From the 15th century and now municipality property. The castle lies in a park of 27 ha (67 acres). The park is freely accessible and the castle is open on Sundays from 2 PM - 6 PM.

3 Veltwijck castle in Ekeren. A splendid water castle from the 16th century with a nice garden. Now it serves as the town hall for the town of Ekeren.

4 's-Gravenwezel castle in Schilde. Founded in 1200 and renovated in the 14th and 18th century. Lies in a 21 ha (58 acres) big park. The castle now houses an antique shop, but the rest of the interior can not be visited.

5 Ter Leyen castle in Assenede. Very nice water castle from the 17th century, situated behind the church of Boekhoute. Interior can not be visited.

6 Schoten castle in Schoten. Also a 17th century water castle. Now serves as cultural center. Open on weekdays from 9 AM - Noon and from 1.30 PM - 4 PM.

7 Borrekens castle in Vorselaar. Castle from the 13th century, but entirely renovated in the 17th century. The interior can not be visited.

8 Vrieselhof provincial domain in Ranst. A 75 ha(185 acres) big park with a castle, a pond, and 2 brooks. Open to the public from sunrise to sunset.

9 Rivierenhof provincial domain in Antwerp. This is the biggest park in Antwerp with a castle, an open-air theatre, an art gallery, mini golf, walking routes, ponds, playgrounds and a roze garden. Open all year from 6 AM - 10.30 PM.

10 Cortewalle castle in Beveren. Castle from the 15th century in a 9 ha (22 acres) big park. Municipality property and part of a cultural center. In the loft there is a Lace museum and a regional geography and history museum (open from end of April - end of September on Sundays from 2 PM - 5 PM. The park is freely accessible and in the castle there are often exibitions, receptions, meetings, concerts, etc.

11 Male castle in Bruges. (Note that "Male" is not the English word "male"). Once the castle of the Counts of Flanders, now it is an abbey of the sisters of the Holy Sepulcher. The church and the hall can be visited daily from 9 AM - 11.30 Am and from 2.30 PM - 5 PM. On Sundays from 10.30 AM - 11.30 AM and from 2.30 PM - 5 PM.

Male Castle

12 Hof ter Saksen castle in Beveren. This 18th century castle has recently been renovated. In the park you can visit an arboretum, a natural garden, a green house and an ice cellar. Open from Aril - October, daily from 10 AM - 6 PM. The garden cefeteria is open in the weekends from 2 PM - 6 PM.

13 Ryckevelde castle in Bruges. This recent 20th century castle lies in a 85 ha (233 acres) big forest. Part of it is always open for the public, the rest also during weekends. Now property of the city of Bruges.

Ryckevelde Castle

14 Tillegembos provincial domain in Bruges. A 113 ha (280 acres) big nature domain with a castle, walking routes, sunbathing lawns, play grounds, and a rural tavern and a horse-mill. Domain to be visited from sunrise till sunset all year. The interior of the castle can not be visited.

15 Sorghvliedt castle in Antwerp. The domain and the 15th century castle are the property of the city of Antwerp and serve as district house for the district of Hoboken.

16 Caloen castle in Zedelgem. A neo-ghotic castle from 1860. In the park there is a maze. The castle can be visited from April - October, every day, except on Mondays and Fridays from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6 PM.

17 Wissekerke castle in Kruibeke. Castle from the 15th century with lake, park and a suspension bridge. Municipal property. Guided visits after arrangement.

18 Hemiksemhof castle in Hemiksem. Castle and park are protected as monument and urban conservation area. The castle interior can not be visited.

19 Cleydael castle in Aartselaar. Castle from the 14th century is located on a islet in the Struisbeek and houses a hotel-restaurant and a golf club. Only to be visited by clients of the hotel-restaurant and members of the golf club.

20 Solhof castle in Aartselaar. The coach-house of this castle houses a restaurant and the main building is now a hotel.

21 Gestelhof castle in Berlaar. This castle from the 16th century lies in a splendid park and is at three sides enclosed by water. The castle interior can not be visited.

22 Rameyenhof in Berlaar. This is a 13th - 14th century water castle with castle farmstead. The interior can not be visited.

23 Herlaar castle in Herenthout. Castle from the 13th century with two towers, a drawbridge and a park. The interior can not be visited.

24 Sombeke castle in Waasmunster. A 15th century castle, beautifully restored in the 1980 's. The interior can not be visited.

25 Blauwendael castle in Waasmunster. Small 17th century castle that today houses a regional geography and history museum and the multi-media resource center of an environmental association. The museum is open every second Sunday of a month from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 5 PM. The multi-media center every second Sunday of a month from 10 AM - Noon.

26 Provincial Domain d'Ursel in Bornem. A 18th century nobility summer residence in a 28 ha (77 acres) big park domain with French garden and forests. Actual under renovation. The park is open from sunrise till sunset all year.

27 Marnix van Sint-Aldegonde castle in Bornem. This private castle, renovated in 1888, is situated in a splendid landscape along the Old Schelde. The castle houses an exhibition about its history, as well as a lace exhibition and a coaches collection.

28 Merode castle in Westerlo. Early 14th century castle with splendid park. Can only be visited during the once a year "castle festivities" in the first weekend of July.

29 d'Aertrycke castle in Torhout. 18th century castle with park, lake and boathouse. The former coach house is transformed to hotel rooms and a meeting room. The park is freely accessible from sunrise till sunset.

d'Aertrycke Castle

30 Schouwbroek castle in Vinderhoute. Impressive 16th century castle in a 30 ha ( 82 acres) big, splendid park with some very old trees. The castle can not be visited.

31 Wijnendale castle in Torhout. Founded in the 11th century, transformed in the 13th and totally rebuilt in the 19th century. Inside the castle one can visit a museum about the history of the castle. Open from May 15 - September 15 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sundays from 2 PM - 6 PM.

32 Ter Motten castle in Dilsen-Stokkem. Built in 1725, it is now the town hall. Open all workdays from 9 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 4 PM.

33 Ravenhof castle in Torhout. This very old castle houses the Tourist Office and a museum about pottery from Torhout. Open all workdays from 9 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 5 PM. From May 15 - September 15 also during the weekends.

34 Gravensteen castle in Ghent. Big stronghold from the 12th century. Till the first half of the 15th century the Counts of Flanders lived here. The courtroom, the hall for parties, the rooms of the Count and Countess and the underground prison can all be visited. Open dailly from 9 AM - 5 PM. From April - September till 6 PM.

35 Meylandt castle in Heusden-Zolder. Precious building from the late 14th century in a nice park with splendid ponds. Actually it houses the Academy of Fine Arts. The park can freely be visited.

Meylandt Castle

36 Poeke castle in Aalter. Castle is in the 17th - 18th century restored in Frech style. Now municipal property, housing an information center and events hall. The castle is open during cultural events. The park is freely accessible.

Poeke Castle

37 Laarne castle in Laarne. Old feudal castle from the 14th century. Altered in the 16th and 17th century. Nowadays a museum with precious collections of European Silver and 16th - 18th century furniture and wall tapestries. Open from Easter - October, every Sunday from 2 PM - 5.30 PM. In July and August every day of the week, except on Mondays and Fridays.

38 Beauvoorde castle in Veurne. Water castle from the 17th century. Now property of the Belgian State and home to the Royal Academy for Dutch Language- and Literature. Castle can be visited from April 1 - October 31 from Thursday - Sunday from 2 PM - 5.30 PM. In July and August also on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. From November 1 - March 31 only on Sundays. The park can be visited every day from 10 AM - 6 PM, closed on Mondays.

Castle Beauvoorde

39 Diepensteyn castle in Londerzeel. Splendid renaissance castle, entirely renovated by brewery Palm. The castle, park with several ponds, and the stables can only be visited during a guided tour of the brewery.

40 Ooidonk castle in Deinze. Beautiful 13th century castle that was destroyed and rebuilt in the 16th century, situated on a 300 ha (740 acres). In the interior very interesting old furniture, wall tapestries and paintings. Castle and park are open to the public. Castle open from Easter - September 15 on Sundays and public holidays from 2 PM - 5.30 PM. In July and August also on Saturdays. The park is open all year.

Castle Ooidonk

41 de Blankaart castle and Nature Reserve in Diksmuide. A 250 ha ( 685 acres) big Nature Reserve with a castle and its 50 ha (137 acres) park, a 50 ha (137 acres) big pond, 20 ha ( 55 acres) big reed swamp, and 180 ha (493 acres) of hay lands and meadows. For those who love walking in a splendid unspoiled nature, this domain is a real must.

Castle de Blankaart

42 Olmenhof-Hariaz domain in Herk-de-Stad. A big park with castle, play ground, mini golf, fishing ponds, and walking routes. Park open all year from sunrise till sunset.

43 Moorsel water castle in Aalst. A 16th century water castle in a splendid park. The interior of the castle can not be visited.

44 Horst castle in Holsbeek. Another beautiful water castle from the 15th century. Now administered by the Foundation for Flemish inheritance.The castle can be visited every Sunday from 2 PM - 6 PM. From April 1 - October 31 also on public holidays.

45 Rumbeke castle in Roeselare. One of the oldest Renaissance castles of Belgium. Now owned by the professional League of Coach- and Bus enterprises. In the castle there are conference rooms and a concert hall.

Castle Rumbeke

46 Sterrebos Provincial Domain in Roeselare. A 22 ha (54 acres) big forest domain with a very nice castle. From the summerhouse on the domain there start 10 alleys in the form of one big start. Hence the name of the domain: Star Forest. The park can be visited all year from sunrise till sunset.

47 Ham castle in Steenokkerzeel. A 15th century castle enclosed with a moat. Property of the Flemish Community, who uses it as conference center. The interior of the castle can not be visited.

48 Ingelmunster castle in Ingelmunster. 11th century castle with park. In 2001 for the most part destroyed by fire. Only the the basement was spared and contains now a cafeteria and a beer cellar. Restoration works for the castle are on going. The taverne can be visited from Easter till September from Saturday - Thursday from 2 PM. From October - Easter only during weekends and public holidays.

49 Blauwhuis castle in Izegem. This castle with parts from the early 19th century lies in a 11 ha (30 acres) big park and is now arranged as a restaurant and hall for parties.

50 Wemmel castle in Wemmel. The Town Hall of Wemmel is now housed in this 17th century castle. Open on workdays from 8.30 AM - Noon and from 1 PM- 5 PM.

51 Hernieuwenburg castle in Wielsbeke. In the 19th century restored castle in a nice park with sport- and recreation facilities. Now serves as town hall and is open on workdays from 8 AM - Noon and from 1 PM - 5 PM.

52 Kruishoutem castle in Kruishoutem. This castle from the 17th century is remarkably well preserved and lies in a big park. The interior can not be visited.

53 Leeuwergem castle in Zottegem. 18th century castle in a 15 ha (41 acres) big park with lakes and canals. Very special is the "Foliage Theatre", formed by hornbeam trees with place for 1.200 visitors. The interior of the castle can only be visited by groups by appointment.

54 Wannegem-Lede castle in Kruishoutem. Classicist castle from 1786, after the example of the Petit Trianon of Versaille. The interior of the castle can not be visited, but its surroundings lend themselves very well for some nice walking.

55 Groot-Bijgaarden castle in Dilbeek. A 17th century castle enclosed by a moat. Part of the castle is the donjon from the 14th century. Several halls from the castle can be hired for parties. Open from Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 6 PM or after arrangement.

56 Arenberg castle in Leuven. Originated from the 16th century, this castle was thoroughly renovated in the 19th century. Now property of the University of Leuven, which houses the Applied Mathematic Sciences Faculty in it. The interior can only be visited by group by appointment.

57 Breivelde castle domain in Zottegem. Castle, owned by the town of Zottegem. Situated in a 14 ha (38 acres) big park with 14 ponds in terrace form.

58 Zonnebeke castle domain in Zonnebeke. This castle, property of the town of Zonnebeke, is situated in a 7 ha (19 acres) big park, which is open all year. The castle is used for social and cultural events and houses since 2004 the Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 about WW I in this region.

Castle Zonnebeke

59 Alden Biesen castle in Bilzen. This huge complex was built by the German Order of Knighthood. Now it is a cultural center of the Flemish Government. It serves as conference center and is a culture-tourist attraction.

Castle Alden Biesen

60 't Rood castle in Kortessem. Water castle from the Middle Ages. Nowadays a tavern-restaurant. Open from Wednesday - Sunday.

't Rood castle in Kortessem

61 Schalkhoven water castle in Hoeselt. This water castle is situated in a splendid park with very rare trees. Castle and park are listed as protected monuments. The interior can not be visited.

Castle in Schalkhoven

62 Viron castle in Dilbeek. This huge castle from 1863 was built on the principle of a year calendar: there are 12 towers, 52 front rooms, 7 rooms with stairs, and 365 windows. Nowadays the town hall to be visited on workdays from 9 AM - Noon and on Thursdays also from 6 PM - 8 PM.

63 La Motte castle in Dilbeek. A walled classicist castle from 1773. Now property of the Dilbeek town, who uses it as poly valent cultural center. Halls can be hired for meetings, seminaries, etc. Open from Monday - Friday from 9 AM - Noon and from 1 PM - 5 PM. Closed in July.

64 Kwabeek castle in Boutersem. This 18th century castle with park and farm serves now as town hall. Open on workdays from 9 AM - Noon. The park is open all year from sunrise - sunset.

65 Rullingen castle in Borgloon. This beatiful castle from 1640 lies in an even splendid park of 12 ha (33 acres) and is property of the province of Limburg. The castle serves now as a hotel-restaurant and can be visited as such. The park can be visited all year for free.

Rullingen castle in Borgloon

66 Winecastle Genoelselderen in Riemst. Magnificent castle from 1750, now surrounded by the biggest vineyards in Belgium, a roze garden and an experimental garden with 20 different grapes. Four excellent wines are produced in the castle. Castle can be visited by groups after arrangement. The park is open all year.

Winecastle Genoelselderen in Riemst

67 Rijkel castle in Borgloon. Originating from the 16th century, but totally rebuilt in the 17th and 18th century. surrounded with 9 ha (25 acres) of standard (high) fruit trees. The castle now houses the Service of the Arts Patrimony of the province of Limburg. The castle is partially accessible to the public, the park in its entirety.

Rijkel castle in Borgloon

68 Betho castle in Tongeren. A 17th century castle that can not be visited, but there are great paths for relaxed walks around the castle.

Betho castle in Tongeren

69 de la Motte castle in Sint-Truiden. Old castle from the 14th century with a 6.5 ha (18 acres) park and some herb gardens. Now it houses a restaurant with outside terraces, a brewery and rooms for parties. Restaurant and brewery are open from Wednesday - Sunday from 11 AM.

de la Motte castle in Sint-Truiden

70 Gaasbeek castle in Lennik. Splendid 13th century defence castle in a 4.2 ha (11.5 acres) museum garden. The garden can only be visited by groups of 10 persons minimum. The castle contains about thousand precious pieces of art and can be visited from April 1 - October 31 from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - 6 PM.

71 Meldert castle in Meldert. The students of the Sint-Jans College in Meldert are the lucky one, who follow their courses in this 19th century castle. But if you are not a student there, you can still admire the outside of the castle from the play ground.

72 Hex castle in Heers. Splendid castle from the 18th century. Several formal- and landscape gardens, as well as a botanic rose garden and a big kitchen garden complete the scenery. The gardens can only be visited by groups after written arrangement.

Castle in Hex

73 De Warande castle in Heuvelland. Neo-baroque castle from 1925 in a 17 ha (57 acres) big park with ponds and footpaths for nice walkings. Used as administrative center for the Heuvelland municipality . Open on workdays from 9 AM - Noon and from 1.30 PM - 5.30 PM.

74 Beersel castle in Beersel. Walled castle from the early 15th century with two living towers from the 17th century, enclosed with a moat. Open from March 1 - November 15 from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6 PM. The rest of the year only in the weekends and during public holidays.

75 Cammanderie in Voeren. Walled commandery from the 17th century from the German order of Knighthood of Alden Biesen. The commandery can not be visited, only the fishing ponds during the weekends.

Commanderie in Voeren

76 Domain Solvay in La Hulpe. The official name of this castle from 1842 is "Kasteel van Terhulpen". On the 220 ha (600 acres) big domain one can find a French garden, lots of garden sculptures, afforest hills, ponds, lawns, kilometers long walking routes, and more. The castle can only be visited during manifestations. The park all year. In the summer from 8 AM - 9 PM, in the winter from 8 AM - 6 PM.

77 Huizingen Provincial Domain and castle in Beersel. Impressive castle in a 90 ha ( 248 acres) big park with open air swimming pool, a pond where you can row, a sunbath lawn, rock garden with many beautiful flowers. Open all year from 9 AM - sunset.

78 Ter Rijst castle domain in Pepingen. This domaim is one of the most attractive ones in Belgium. Around the small neo-classicists castle is situated a 49.5 ha (136 acres) big national park with exceptional trees and old fashioned orchard. The park is open all year from sunrise - sunset. The nature reserve only with guide.

79 Rixensart castle in Rixensart. A pearl of Renaissance architecture, this castle from the 17th century can only be visited by groups after arrangement by the Tourist Office.

Castle in Rixensart

80 Burg Raeren in Raeren. Walled castle, founded in the second half of the 14th century. Importantly altered in 1790. Property of the municipality of Raeren, who installed a pottery museum in it. Open from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - 5 PM.

81 Empain castle in Enghien. The new castle only dates from the 20th century, but it is situated in one of the most beautiful gardens of Europe. From the 180 ha ( 493 acres), 120 ha ( 329 acres) is open to the public. Open from Easter - the end of October, daily from 10 AM - 6 PM. Other months from 10 AM - 4 PM, weekends till 5 PM.

82 Wégimont castle in Soumagne. A 22 ha (60 acres) big domain with beautiful castle in Maasland style. On the domain one can find an open-air swimming pool, midget golf, possibilities for fishing, a training circuit, a camping ground, pick nick and barbecue facilities. Lodging and restaurant in the castle possible all year after reservation. The recreation center is open from May - June every day from 10 AM - 7 PM. In July and August till 8 PM.

83 Castle-Fortress in Fallais. With its origins in the 13th century, this mighty and mighty-looking castle was renovated in the 19th century. Open to groups on request.

Castle-Fortress in Fallais

84 Harlue castle in Bolinne-Harlue. This 17th century castle can not be visited, but when you pass there you can admire the castle, a 18th century church, and a 18th century presbytery, all very close to one another.

Harlue castle in Bolinne-Harlue

85 Val-Saint-Lambert castle in Seraing. You will probably want to visit this castle for the exposition that shows the social, cultural and industrial history of the famous Val-Saint-Lambert crystal. Open from March 1 - September 30 every day from 10 AM - 5 PM. Rest of the year only in the weekends and on public holidays. Closed from December 16 - February 28.

86 Oultremont castle in Warnant-Dreye. This 17th century castle with its farm, chapel, and gardens forms a very remarkable whole in the flat Hesbaye country. Can be visited by groups after reservation.

Oultremont castle in Warnant-Dreye

87 Attre castle in Brugelette. Well preserved 18th century castle in a 17 ha (47 acres) big very special park. The interior of the castle is realy splendid. Park and castle can be visited. Not free. Open in July and August during weekends and public holidays from 1 PM - 6 PM. In April, May, June, September and October from 2 PM - 6 PM.

88 Jehay castle in Amay. When the last Count van den Steen died in 1999, the castle and domain became the property of the Province of Liège and during several years important restoration works have been undertaken. The castle and gardens are of an extreme beauty. Inside the castle one can admire the very precious collections of Count Guy van den Steen. Castle and gardens are open to the public. In June during the weekends from 11 AM - 6 PM and on Wednesdays from 2 PM - 5 PM. In July and August during the weekends from 11 AM -6 PM and from Tuesday - Friday from 2 PM - 6 PM. In September during the weekends from 11 AM - 6 PM and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 2 PM - 5 PM.

Jehay castle in Amay

89 Louvignies castle in Soignies. A 19th century castle with English-style landscape park. To be visited during the summer months on Sunday afternoons from 2 PM - 6 PM.

90 Ecaussinnes-Lalaing castle in Ecaussinnes. Built from the 11th - the 17th century on a rock that governs the Senette valley. Inside the castle are halls with important furniture and art collections. Open in April, May, June, September and October during the weekends and public holidays from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6 PM. In July and August from Saturdays - Thursdays.

91 Miremont castle in Féluy. Castle built in 1853 with a park of 5 ha ( 14 acres). The castle and park can be hired for weddings, receptions, and seminars.

92 Princes de Ligne castle in Antoing. Remarkable walled castle along the Schelde river. Guided visits from the middle of May till the end of September on Sundays and public holidays at 2.30 PM, 3.30 PM and 4 PM.

93 Fernelmont castle in Fernelmont. A 16th - 17th century castle with a 13th century donjon. Surrounded by a big pond and the farm buildings. Open from June - September during the weekends and on public holidays from 2 PM - 5.30 PM.

Fernelmont castle in Fernelmont

94 Beloeil castle in Beloeil. Domain and 14th century castle with splendid French and English gardens for a total of 120 ha (330 acres). Open from Easter till end of May during the weekends and public holidays from 1 PM - 6 PM. From June till the end of September every day, same hours. The castle can only be visited by groups during a guided tour.

95 Corroy-le-Château castle in Gembloux. Based on a 13th century stronghold. The castle can be visited from May - September on Sundays and public holidays from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 6 PM. In July and August also on Saturdays.

96 Seneffe castle in Seneffe. This 18th century castle is situated in the center of remarkable buildings as there are an orangery, a neoclassic theater, an aviary and gardens in a 22 ha (60 acres) park. The castle is the Silversmiths' Museum of the French Community in Belgium. Open all year from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - 6 PM. Park and gardens open all year from 8 AM - 6 PM. From April - September till 8 PM. There is a cafeteria on the domain.

97 Le Roeulx castle in Le Roeulx. This 18th century castle is one of the most important of Belgium. It is situated in a 45 ha (123 acres) big park. The castle can only be visited during rare activities and exhibitions.

98 Avouerie in Anthisnes. 17th century castle with a 12th century donjon and a 16th century church. Open all year every day from 10 AM - 6 PM. Anthisnes is one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia.

Avouerie in Anthisnes

99 Reinhardstein castle in Waimes. Founded in the 14th century. In the early 20th century only ruines were left. From 1969 on it has been fully restored and is now a real beauty. The splendid main hall is decorated with wall tapesteries and many 15th century objects. Open for guided visits from June 15 - September 15 on Sundays at 2.15 PM and 5.15 PM. In July and August also on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 3.30 PM.

Reinhardstein castle in Waimes

100 Citadel in Namur. One of the most important fortresses of Europe. In 1815 rebuilt from its ruines. From the Citadel you have a breathtaking view over the city and the confluence of the Meuse and Sambre rivers. Open during the Easter holidays and from June till the end of October daily from 11 AM - 5 PM. From the end of the Easter holidays till the end of May during the weekends and public holidays, same hours.

Citadel in Namur

101 Harzé castle in Aywaille. Founded in the 12th century and renovated from the 15th - 18th century. In outhouses of the castle are situated the Provincial Museum of the water mill with fully functioning mill and the Backery museum. Open during Easter holidays and July and August daily from 11 AM - 6 PM. In may, June, September and October during the weekends and public holidays from 1 PM - 6 PM.

102 Trazegnies castle in Courcelles. Built on the ruines of an 11th century castle and situated in a very nice park. Inside is a themed museum "The tools of our ancestors". Open from Mai 1 - September 30 during the weekends and on public holidays from 2.30 PM - 5.30 PM. Guided visit at 3 PM.

103 Modave castle in Modave. This 17th century castle is one of the most beautiful and impressive ones of Belgium. It was built according the style of the French castles in that period. The 450 ha (1230 acres) domain around the castle is a Nature Reserve. Open from April 1 - November 15 and from December 25 - January 1 from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - 6 PM.

Modave castle in Modave

104 Bivort castle in Fontaine-L'Eveque. A 13th century feudal castle, which nowadays houses municipal services. Two halls, the rose and the blue room, can be visited.

105 Monceau-sur-Sambre castle in Charleroi. 17th century castle, recently renovated. The castle lies in a beautiful English-style park with exceptional trees. The interior of the castle can not be visited, but the park can. You can make a sign posted walk along the trees and can get information from a Walkman./p>

106 Petite Somme castle in Septon. Splendid castle, owned and inhabited by the spiritual community "Radhadesh". We did not visit the interior, but we met several nice and gentle members in the square. We also noted that many busses with school children halted at the castle. Anyway the members of the community seem very pleased to show their castle to visitors.

Petite Somme castle in Septon

107 Crupet castle in Assesse. Originally from the 13th century, but importantly renovated in the 16th century. This robust castle lies in an islet and can only be reached over the tree-arc bridge. Can be visited from May - September after arrangement.

108 Acoz castle in Acoz. This 12th century castle is set in the heart of the Biesme valley, in grounds with gardens, ponds, meadows, woods and hills. It consists of two wings to the S. and E. and a tower to the NE. It used to be a huge fortified quadrilateral structure. In the 12th c., the Acoz estate was a dependency of Floreffe Abbey. In 2001, Tony Cammaert, antiquarian from the Grand Sablon in Brussels and specialised in Japanese art, acquired the castle. Since then he has been restoring the entire castle and the estate with great care.

109 Spontin castle in Yvoir. This 13th century castle is one of the most beautiful castles of Belgium. Unfortunately the interior can not be visited anymore. But the outside is so beautiful that it justifies a detour (see our photo).

Spontin castle in Yvoir

110 Ham-sur-Heure castle in Ham-sur-Heure. This originally 13th century castle lies in a splendid park that can be freely accessed. Nowadays the castle houses the Town Hall and a museum. Only the park and the museum can be visited.

111 Deulin castle in Hotton. Built in 1760 and still owned by the Harlez family. In the castle park, layed out around a romantic big pond, there is a 7 ha (19 acres) special arboretum. Can only be visited by groups after arrangement.

Deulin castle in Hotton

112 Fosteau castle in Thuin. Impressive 14th century castle which houses one of the most beautiful gothic halls in Belgium. The castle has 7 towers and the actual building date from the 14th - 19th century. The whole year there is an exposition and sale of antiques, Fine Art objects and Persian tapestries. Open all year from Thursday - Monday from 2 PM - 7 PM and by appointment.

113 Falaën castle-farm in Onhaye. Castle-farm from the late 17th century. It houses the museum of the Gastronomic Brotherhoods and can be visited from March 1 - November 30 on Sundays from 1 PM - 8 PM. From April 1 - September 30 also on Saturdays and in July and August daily, same hours.

114 Thy-le-Château castle in Thy-le-Château. Reception rooms in the medieval castle located in the center of the village of Thy-Le-Château are the new destination. Several rooms with capacities of 100 - 300 visitors are available.

115 Citadel in Dinant. Built by the Dutch in 1818 - 1821 100 m above the Meuse river, which guarantees splendid views. The citadel houses a Museum of Weaponry. Open all year, exept in January from 10 AM - 6 PM.

116 Freÿr castle and gardens in Hastière. Splendid 14th century castle with beautiful French gardens and orangeries. Can be visited, but as the opening hours change frequently, please consult their website at

117 Valéry Cousin Provincial Domain in Ciney. A real family domain of 500 ha (1370 acres) with a castle, an Olympic swimming pool, fishing ponds, an arboretum, barbecue spots and wooden houses. Possibilities for many different sports. Many different lodging formulae are offered: family chalets, a motel, wooden houses for groups of 20 - 33 persons, cottages, a camping and caravans. Open from Easter till the end of September and the whole year for accommodation, sports and indoor activities.

118 Vêves castle in Houyet. Very nice castle from the 15th century. The interior contains very impressive furniture. Open from April - October from Tuesday - Sunday from 10 AM - 6 PM. In July and August daily. In April and October till 5 PM.

Vêves castle in Houyet

119 Ruines in La Roche-en-Ardenne. Impressive ruins of a 9th century castle. From the ruins you have a splendid view over the town and the valley of the Ourthe river. Open: In July and August daily from 10 AM - 7 PM. In April, Mai, June, September and October daily from 10 AM - Noon and from 2 PM - 5 PM. In November - March on weekdays from 1.30 PM - 4.30 PM and during weekends from 10 AM - Noon and from 1.30 PM - 4.30 PM.

120 Lavaux castle in Lavaux-Sainte-Anne. Founded in the 13th century, competed in the 17th century and renovated in 2004. Very impressive castle with farm. Houses museums and rooms for exhibitions. In the cafeteria you will be prepared for your visit by means of projections and large photos. There is also a business room with Internet connections. There is also a nice terrace in the gardens. Open from Tuesday - Sunday from 9 AM - 6 PM. In July and August till 7 PM.

121 Chimay castle in Chimay. Founded in 1600 this castle is situated in a 150 ha (410 acres) walled park! Only guided visits. From Easter - end of September at 10 AM, 11 AM, 3 PM and 4 PM. Rest of the year only by appointment.

122 Bouillon stronghold in Bouillon. Built in 1082 by Godfroid de Bouillon this stronghold is the most important witness of the military architecture of the Middle Ages in Belgium. From the "Austria" tower you have a splendid view over the whole complex, but also over Bouillon. Open all year from 10 AM - 5 PM or 6.30 PM. In July and August visits at night are possible.

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